PokerStars Casino makes a trio of Millionaires

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In the past month three brand new millionaires have been made by global poker super brand PokerStars.

In just 27 days the online casino platform paid out over $2.9 million USD to two university students who got lucky with the new Millionaires Island slot game. Two days after that a Russian player – ‘Denis N777’- hit a jackpot of $1.3 million USD on another of the brand’s popular games, Genie Jackpots.

The two new inhabitants of Millionaires Island: ‘pkr_rager’ and ‘LuisCancelaU’ are both students hailing from Finland and Uruguay respectively. 27 year-old ‘pkr_rager’, who works part time as a restaurant employee, was tempted by the new progressive jackpot slot because of possibility of winning at least one million dollars if he hit the jackpot. It was only the second time that the Economics student had logged into his Pokerstars Casino account, having previously enjoyed the online poker games also available on the platform.

Although he was hopeful about his chances on the slots, winning the jackpot came as a complete surprise to him! Upon double-checking his account to see that he had indeed become a millionaire, ‘pkr_rager’ called his wife and family to break the incredible news: "my heart was pounding hard…everyone was shocked, they thought I was joking, that it can’t be real!" Comparing his elation to that of ‘a kid on Christmas morning’, he explained that he "was happy but feeling unreal, like I could be in a dream."

Launched in early January 2017, Millionaires Island is currently the only slot game available to play in the online casino industry that offers players a brand new Progressive Mega Jackpot (with a minimum of $1 million USD payout). Each winner of the jackpot becomes an instant millionaire, and so far it’s been particularly attractive to students like ‘pkr_rager’ and Uruguay’s ‘LuisCancelaU’.

The 26 year-old, who elected not to be personally identified following his win, made $1,517,303.08 USD out of just one dollar in late January. The first ever winner of the jackpot had been playing the game for around three minutes with only 17 spins when four symbols appeared with just one more needed to hit the jackpot. Not believing that the fifth symbol would appear because ‘these things don’t happen’, the degree student had the surprise of a lifetime when that crucial fifth millionaires island symbol came on the screen – "I ran to my brother…I started shouting and shaking him…I showed him my account so he would believe me".

29 days after the first million dollar win in the online PokerStars casino, Russian player ‘Denis N777’ completed the trio of brand new millionaires with a total of over $1.3 million USD flown into his account on a magic carpet. The jackpot winner of the Genie Jackpots slot game described his unexpected ascension to millionaire status as ‘overwhelming’ and ‘incomprehensible’.

Outside the million dollar jackpot games winning moments are happening aplenty, most recently ‘Prinzess666’ hit the jackpot for over $200,000 USD on the game Super Diamond Deluxe, screaming "Treasure, treaaaasure, treaaaaaaasure come here!" with elation when she realized the magnitude of her win.