PokerStars Bans Player Who Is Repeat Offender

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Yet again has the poker world been surprised by one of its rising starts being banned by an online poker room. This time it was Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi who was banned for three months by PokerStars. The ban was initially 6 month, but after conferring with Mizzi this was reduced to three months. Mizzi was already banned from Full Tilt Poker last year for playing on another player's account in a high profile tournament.

Sorel Mizzi was playing in the $300 PLO event at the WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) when he needed to catch a plane from Barcelona to London. A friend played the rest of the tournament for Sorel and this somehow came to the attention of PokerStars. PokerStars dished out a 6 month ban, but Mizzi emailed PokerStars and after a discussion between the two parties, the ban was reduced to 3 months.

The online pro players still seem to think that multi accounting is normal and needed, but this shows that online poker rooms are taking action against this. One of the most notable cases has been serial multi-accounter Josh Field being banned for life. Josh Field was already banned, but managed to open some new accounts and pushed money in those accounts via the PokerStars transfer option. In an unprecedented move PokerStars did not only ban Josh Field when they discovered this, but also several accounts from his friends who had been transferring money to him online.

One of the writers here at just received 77c back from PokerStars after they investigated into collusion going on at a Sit ‘n Go tournament. They emailed our writer indicating that PokerStars suspended a few players who where in collusion with each other in Sit n Go tournaments. It looks like PokerStars is at least trying all they can to keep a safe environment for their players.



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