Poker Pro Will Attempt to Eat $1K Worth of McDonalds in 36 Hours

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High stakes poker pro Mike Noori has bet $200,000 he can eat $1000 worth of McDonald’s this coming Friday through Sunday, May 19-21.

The bet was placed between Noori and tournament director Matt Savage with the competition to occur in an Arizona-based McDonald’s.   Noori is getting 5-1 odds.

Only $200 of the $1000 can be used for salads while the remainder would translate into 70,000 calories consumed in less than two days. 

While there are those who say this is impossible, especially being that Noori is not known to have participated in any professional eating contests, close to 20,000 calories is typically consumed by the winner of each year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in just over 10 minutes.  Noori has 36 hours to eat close to four times this amount. 

Nobody is saying this will be easy.  A blender will also be prohibited.

“My plan is to start with $500 worth of apple slices,” said Noori.

The Arizona locale also ensures Noori won’t be cheating on the price as some nations charge far more for a McDonald’s burger, most notably those in Scandinavia. 

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