Poker Pro John Racener Bragged on Facebook About Drinking

Written by:
Thomas Somach
Published on:
John Racener Facebook

Even before his latest arrest for DUI, poker pro John Racener made no secret of his love of the bottle, can report in another world exclusive!

He had written on his Facebook page, at!/racener?v=info , that "Going out to my local clubs is always a good time."

Racener doesn't have a conventional Facebook page, where people can "friend" him.

As do many celebrities, he instead has a Facebook fan page, where he can post photos and information about himself but doesn't have to bother with the presumably huge number of friend requests he'd have to deal with.

On his Facebook fan page, under the heading Personal Interests, Racener wrote: "I really enjoy spending time with my family and my close friends. Traveling and playing live tournaments has been alot of fun the last few years. When I'm not traveling though, Im usually playing online or hanging out. Going out to my local clubs is always a good time but I have the best time watching and playing sports, going to the beach, and jet skiing."

Bragging on Facebook about your love of drinking will not help Racener when he has to appear in court to defend the DUI, his third since 2005.

Elsewhere on the page, on Racener's "wall," fans have posted comments.

Two of the comments, made since Racener's arrest Saturday morning, chide him for driving drunk.

"Damn, dude, call a limo!!" posted a fan named Larry Cumiskey.

"All that money and can't hire someone to drive your drunk ass around????! Pathetic!" posted a fan named Larry Grimm II. 

By Tom Somach Staff Writer