Poker Pro Doyle Brunson Happy for a Trump Win but ‘Scared’: Wins $300K State Bets

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  • Texas Dolly had reservations about Trump but could never bring himself to support Hillary Clinton
  • Doyle Brunson: ”At least we have a fighting chance with Trump. I'm scared of him too but I think Hillary was a complete disaster”
  • Brunson confirmed he won $300k on various state Election bets being offered
  • 83-year-old Brunson confesses he has his personal concerns over a repeal of Obamacare

Iconic poker pro and lifelong Texas Republican Doyle Brunson has been tweeting like a madman over the past 48 hours since Donald Trump was elected the new US President.  While Brunson expressed early reservations over Trump, he could not bring himself to support Democrat Hillary Clinton. 

He tweeted:

At least we have a fighting chance with Trump. I'm scared of him too but I think Hillary was a complete disaster.

Brunson placed seven state wagers and won all of them, he confirmed on Twitter.

I'm happy to win 300k but I feel no elation over the victory. I have serious doubts about Trump but feel we at least have a chance now.

The Texas Dolly agrees with much of Trump’s platform, presumably his immigration agenda and getting rid of Obamacare.

Just hope that Trump surrounds himself with smart people and listens to them. Also hope he does everything he said he would do.

One of the promises Trump made was to ban all Muslims from the country.

Iranian Muslim poker pro Antonio Esfandiari tweeted to Brunson:

One thing is for sure, the next four years shall be quite entertaining. I am petrified, but at least we are in for one hell of a ride.

This is the tweet in which Brunson admitted being scared of him too.

A lot of celebrities said ahead of the Elections they planned on moving to Canada if Trump were to win and, to that, Brunson says “good riddins” but the poker pro is quick to defend his Canadian friend, Daniel Negreanu, who expressed sadness over Hillary’s loss.  One of Brunson’s gazillion followers ranted against Negreanu and Brunson was quick to come to his friend’s defense.

Leave @RealKidPoker alone. I've never disagreed with a friend as much. But he's passionate about things and speaks his mind. I admire that.           

Negreanu himself posed this question to Brunson via Twitter:

Curious and honest question: what will happen to the people with pre-existing conditions who need medical attention under the new regime?

The 83-year-old Brunson, who himself has had cancer scares and is among the top favorites in most death pools, was brutally honest in his reply to Negreanu:

That really worries me also. I have 2 family members who have pre-existing. They will alter that I'm thinking when they repeal Obamacare.

- Nagesh Rath,