Poker Pro David Williams Offers 10K for Proof He was B*tch Slapped

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David Williams Poker Porn

Notorious poker pro and foot fetish porn star, David Williams, reportedly has offered up $10,000 for proof that he was "b*tch slapped" outside a Las Vegas club, not once but twice.

A popular member of the Two Plus Two posting forum community provided a second hand account he claimed was 99 percent accurate that Williams had received a double slap on the face after "disrespecting" someone outside a club.

So over the WSOP I was chilling with various people of various backgrounds and listening to some cool stories about people on 'the circuit'. Anyways one I found hilarious and I got the OK to post about it. I wasnt there for this, but I trust the person telling me enough where I can say its a 2+2 TRUE LAS VEGAS STORY!

Apparently David Williams likes to act like a hardass when hes around people he doesnt know. Just stuff like "who are you?" or "who are you with" in really mean and condescending tones to make you feel like a bitch or a nobody. Most are either shook by his coffee colored complexion or just don't care enough to respond to that nonsense. Well on one warm Las Vegas night David ran into a man who was in the business of being a badass.

This happened at a club in Vegas. DW was hanging out with a red pro from FT and the red pro also had a friend in town who happened to deal drugs for a living. So theres a decent sized group and DW rolls up to this (white, doesnt look like a UFC fighter or nuttin) dude and gives him the "who the eff are you" routine. Dudes like "what?" cuz he cant believe a mofo would roll on him like that. DW is like " i said who are you", Dude open hand B*TCH SMACKS DW...DW tries to maintain his cool image and rolls back up like he was gonna do something. Dude B*TCH SMACKS him again, this time knocking him to the floor. At this point DW decides enough is enough and starts yelling for security as he is being assaulted.

A "friend" of Williams came on to defend his honor (Williams is evidently "above"  posting on the site himself), offering up 10 grand to the Two Plus Two poster, who goes by the handle "Sublime", asking him to offer up proof that David was indeed slapped. Sublime declined the offer but stood by his story, insisting it was 99 percent accurate.

Both Feet on the Ground and a Granny's Foot in His Mouth

Williams, who was feet-ured in a bizarre toe sucking film with a woman more than three times his age, has long shown ambivalence and a callus disposition when approached by friendly Gambling911.com reporters like Jenny Woo. The Team Bodog player once reported Gambling911 to Bodog's founder, Calvin Ayre, who simply laughed and told him "get over it you big whining baby!  You should be doing more to capitalize on this."

The video - Janet Exposed: "College C***, Vol. 8: Tony's First Lesson" - not only shows Williams (his middle name is Tony pronounced as  "TOE-NEE") sucking the toes of a purported "granny" but she also provides him with a most unusual foot rub - too graphic for further elaboration on this family website. He also intrudes upon the granny's backside with his long slithering tongue for a prolonged 15 minute period of sloppy depraved lust. Williams private parts were considered "above average" based on viewer feedback at the time. He was also described as "giddy" and "submissive" to the ordering barking granny.

Gambling911.com attempted on numerous occasions to contact the woman who starred along side David in the porn flick but she declined all interviews. Janet Mason is a well-regarded senior swinger in the porn community.

Good Christian Gone Bad

By most accounts, David Williams was raised in the church and even attended Southern Methodist University where he studied Economics...among other things. He was initially a mathematics major who apparently had no trouble multiplying his own age by three to find a female sex partner in the "very experienced" Janet Mason.

That's when the cameras came on and Williams clothes came off.

"The enemy wants us to believe that we cannot survive and enjoy life without a diet of sin," explained Gambling911.com resident pastor and spiritual advisor, Reverend Trask. "The truth is that sinful living produces spiritual and ultimately physical death. True life begins with living according to God's Spirit, and making no provision for sin's fulfillment. Then one's soul goes to Heaven.

"Women are insatiable, they climax repeatedly, and they are so desperate for sex they will do anything with anyone.  Illicit sex arouses, and so we can determine that porn is full of fornication, adultery, lesbianism, threesomes, orgies, rape, and other things that I will not even mention!" the good Reverend concluded.

Prior to pornography, David Williams had cast his dark wand elsewhere....the world of black magic.

Magic: The Gathering, for which David became a pro and excelled prior to his porn appearance, featured battles between powerful wizards who use the magical spells, items, and fantastic creatures depicted on individual Magic cards to defeat their opponents. For the first few years of its production, Magic: The Gathering featured a small number of cards with names or artwork that implied demonic or occultist themes.

Soon after, Williams began winning millions of dollars playing poker.

Lost SOLE?

The poster Sublime's account was not the only one depicting David Williams as an individual who introduces himself by asking "Who Are You?". The proper introduction of course being "Hi, I'm David, and you are?"

One poster went on to describe how David sent him a nasty email after the individual apparently intruded upon his poker game and starting engaging in dialog with another player.

The email asked "Who are you?"

Another member of the poker forum community provided his account of what may have actually transpired the night that David Williams did get b*tch slapped (assuming this ever happened to begin with).

I don't know if it makes David look better or worse, but this is what actually happened. David and Theo won't be betting 10k against this account.

David got the best table in the house for a bunch of poker players. A couple of well known players were there. The guy in question was introduced to David by their mutual friend, who was also in the group. David and his group paid a lot in tips and for drinks, and they were all probably a little drunk.

When they got up to dance, they were replaced at their table by a real bigshot, possibly an owner in the club, and his entourage. David starts screaming at his contact at the club. Everyone in the group told David to let it go. Friend of friend, 5'10'' and stocky, told David to let it go.

David shoved stocky guy in front of everyone and told him to shut up. Stocky guy likes to fight, but he did not retaliate because he has had trouble with the law and has a new family. He is embarrassed, but backs down and leaves to find another friend who is gambling downstairs.

A few minutes later, mutual friend brings David down to apologize. Stocky guy doesn't want to hear it. His friend who is gambling tells David to leave him alone. David tells new guy to shut the **** up.

Stocky guy immediately slaps David, but doesn't knock him to the ground or anything. David calls for security and tells them he wants to press charges.

Mutual friend talks David out of pressing charges.

Stocky guy says later that he saved David from real trouble because the guy gambling is big and crazy and is a real badass.

Sublime admitted this could have been the same incident, different story, but then again, these could have been two entirely different incidents.

10K is still on the line though and that's 10K David Williams probably didn't have when he starred in "College C***, Vol. 8: Tony's First Lesson"

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