Poker Maximus IV – Final Day Recap

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Poker Maximus IV – Final Day Recap

Poker Maximus  IV at Carbon Poker  concluded on Sunday with four great Main Events that had over $300K in guaranteed money up for grabs. All four events were marathons that went well into the early hours of the morning and for those that were lucky enough to last that long, they were rewarded quite handsomely for their great play. Here’s how each event broke down:

Event #34: $125,000 Guaranteed NLH Main Event – ($100+9 buy-in)

1300 players played for over 12 hours in Event #34 and with $24K going to the winner, playing for that long was something every player wanted to do. But it was 21buzgt89 and IGot5onItt who were the last two left standing and although both would be getting big paydays, only one could be recognized as the winner.

 With a decent size chip lead, 21buzgt89 held Ad,4c and made a min-raise pre-flop. IGot5onItt needed to make something happen in the near future and with Kd,Th in his hand, he decided that shoving here was his best option. 21buzgt89 saw an opportunity to end this for good and after making the call, we had a race. IGot5onItt was the one that needed help on the board but with it showing (2c,Js,6c,Jd,6h) after all five streets that help just didn’t come. 21buzgt89’s ace-high held up and he took home the $24K 1st place prize.

Final Table Payouts and Prize Winners:

1 21buzgt89 $23782.64; 2 IGot5onItt $16092.01; 3 Mikeygogogo $12739.51; 4 slickster22 $9789.31; 5 1PlayNude $6973.21; 6 duvaldb90 $5498.10; 7 donkinleezy $4157.10; 8 CrazySteve420 $2950.20; 9 mikestl83 $2011.50

Event #35: $125,000 Guaranteed NLH High Roller Main Event – ($500+30 buy-in)

$500 buy-ins is quite steep for the average poker player, but 248 players stepped out in Event #35. First place was worth a little over $30K and none of these players minded if they were there for double digit hours for a shot at that kind of payday. Well, after 11 hours of this tournament going on, we finally had a winner crowned as jakey541 and JRoc11 battled valiantly until the end.

On the final hand both players were dealt an Ace in their hand but it was jakey541’s A-Q suited that had JRoc11’s A-7 suited dominated. JRoc11 would either need some diamonds or some 7’s on the board after he re-raised all-in pre-flop and saw the bad news when his opponent showed his cards after making the call.

That race was basically over before it began as the flop came down (Qh,4s,8h) with no diamonds to be found. JRoc11 would now need to catch two miracle cards in a row to stay alive and it just wasn’t going to happen. The Td fell on the turn it was over. It didn’t matter that another 10 fell on the river because jakey541 had already clinched the hand and the tournament win.

1 jakey541 $30500.00; 2 JRoc11 $20250.00; 3 russlecarsonoma $12500.00; 4 1Troy1 $9375.00; 5 XxSlixterxX804 $7750.00; 6 boigyyyy $6250.00; 7 ADED420 $5000.00; 8 thebattler33 $4000.00; 9 BustNuts $3125.00

Event #36: $20,000 Guaranteed NLH Micro Main Event – ($10+1 buy-in)

About 2400 players entered this tournament as it wasn’t going to be for those that got antsy during marathon poker sessions.  It took over 12 hours to crown a champion as BuckNastyJr and EMR31106 were the final two to be able to claim the $4K 1st place prize

On the short stack, BuckNastyJr needed to make something happen with his As,5c. He made a decent-sized raise pre-flop and had to be a bit concerned when his opponent made the call.

EMR31106 was holding (Ac,Tc) and when the flop came down 9s,7h,Ad both players had hit top pair. EMR31106 decided to check as the first to act and BuckNastyJr wasn’t having any of it as he shoved the rest of his stack in the middle.  EMR31106 wasn’t going anywhere with his pair of aces and made the call.

The 6d fell on the turn did little and when a 5 didn’t come on the river (9h) it was EMR31106’s hand that finished as the better hand, allowing him to walk away the winner.

Final table results:

1 EMR31106 $3961.87; 2 BuckNastyJr $2942.17; 3 Duderoy1 $2057.13; 4 jbhopko2 $1506.97; 5 dutch25 $1100.33; 6 numb3r1nunn3r $861.13; 7 hothamsandwich $574.09; 8 GSAC21 $406.65; 9 tebower $287.05

Event #37: $60,000 Guaranteed NLH Low Main Event – ($55+5 buy-in)

Over 1000 players signed up for the final event of PM IV as this was their last chance to earn PM IV leaderboard points. 11 hours later Event #37 was down to its final two players; je490901 or KatnessEverdin would walk away with the title.

je4n0901 was on the shorter stack when he was dealt pocket Jacks in the hole. Figuring he definitely had the best hand pre-flop, a raise was made to juice the pot. But a min-raise wasn’t enough to scare away KatnessEverdin who held Kc,7d and a flop was coming. The first card out the door was a Kh (Kh,Tc,2d) and KatnessEverdin had now jumped into the lead. After a check and bet from j34n0901, KatnessEverdin made the call to see the Qh land on the turn. KatnessEverdin checked again and je4n0901 sensed weakness and tried to take the pot right here with an all-in shove. KatnessEverdin wasn’t going anywhere with top pair at this stage and made the call. The 6c fell on the river, letting the pair of Kings hold up for KatnessEverdin as they walked away the winner of Event #37.

1 KatnessEverdin $11100.00; 2 je4n0901 $7554.00; 3 Zefyras $4950.00; 4 jackcrackr2 $3750.00; 5 WEEDSM0KA420 $2850.00; 6 666pakman666 $2250.00; 7 DRFAZO $1800.00; 8 flakediesel $1440.00; 9 adznprcsFTW $1140.00

PM IV at Carbon Poker was another great success these past 11 days as many players walked away with heftier bankrolls after numerous successes. We look forward to seeing you all again when Poker Maximus V hits the virtual felt in the near future.

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