Poker Maximus IV – Day 8 Recap

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Matt Skinner
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Poker Maximus IV – Day 8 Recap

Carbon Poker’s Poker Maximus IV series crowned three new winners during Thursday’s action and with over $17K alone going to those respective winners, there was no shortage of prize money available to poker players on this day. Here’s how each event wrapped up.  Join Carbon Poker Here

Event #24: $15,000 Guaranteed NLH deep stack – ($10+1 buy-in)

A deep stack tournament with only a $10 buy-in is sure to attract many players and last a long time. Event #24 did that on both accounts as nearly 1500 players entered this tournament that took over 10 hours to crown a champion. Although the top 144 players earned some cash, it was between H1TdAr0aDJaCk and BlackFriVictim in the end for the event’s biggest prize.

When both players were dealt pocket pairs on the eventual final hand, it didn’t take much for either play to push for a finish in this one. H1TdAr0aDJaCk was dealt pocket Kings and after making two initial raises, called BlackFriVictim’s all-in bet. BlackFriVictim was holding pocket 4’s and needed a lot of help that just never came. A board of 5d,Qh,7d,3s,7c never threatened H1TdAr0aDJaCk’s Kings and he walked away the Event #24 champion.

Final Table Payouts and Prize Winners:

1 H1TdAr0aDJaCk $2660.25; 2 BlackFriVictim $1800.00; 3 ckbabb1 $1425.00; 4 BluffingAlways $1095.00; 5 rackem24 $780.00; 6 FirstProdigy22 $615.00; 7 fingers911 $465.00; 8 PureMichigan1 $330.00; 9 ingrasado $225.00

Event #25: $20,000 Guaranteed HORSE– ($200+15 buy-in)

81 players entered the final HORSE tournament of PM IV and although the field was small, the prize pool wasn’t as the winner still earned $6400 for their efforts. By the time there were two left it, CallMeRicky was doing his best to avoid seeing whyurazemeboo win his second event of PM IV (Won Event #1).  Join Carbon Poker Here

CallMeRicky was dealt 6d,6c,4c,4s in his first four cards and with his opponent holding an ace (Ah,2s,8c,5h) and on a very short stack, all the chips went into the middle. Whyurazemeboo couldn’t get any help on the later streets as he failed to win his second PM IV event.

Final table results:

1 CallMeRicky $6400.00; 2 whyurazemeboo $4000.00; 3 lowlimttool $2400.00; 4 any2willdo23 $2000.00; 5 Rebeca90 $1600.00; 6 GoliathOnline $1200.00; 7 bird42042 $1000.00; 8 H1TdAr0aDJaCk $800.00; 9 LastOne323 $600.00

Event #26: $35,000 Guaranteed NLH rebuy – ($55+5 buy-in)

Just over 200 players entered this larger rebuy NL Hold’em tournament and even after the rebuy and add-on period concluded, there was still some overlay money in the pot. Clayce and Moondiesel1 didn’t mind that one bit as they were the last two standing and had a great heads-up showdown before Moondiesel1 walked away the champion. Here’s how he did it:

Moondiesel1 was dealt A-Q suited on the final hand and put in a min-raise from the small blind. Holding a decent hand himself (Kh,Jd), Clayce decided to draw a line in the sand at this point and shoved the rest of his chips in over the top. Although there were initial concerns of possibly being beat, Moondiesel1 could not fold A-Q suited in heads-up play and once the cards were flipped over, he knew he made the correct decision.

No help came for Clayce (Ts,6c,9s,6h,8s) and he was left to think about what could’ve been with his 2nd place finish. Congrats to Moondiesel1 for winning Event #26.

Final table results:

1 Moondiesel1 $8540.00; 2 Clayce $5670.00; 3 WTFBRUH $3500.00; 4 g3r4rdOx $2625.00; 5 calvertdan $2170.00; 6 sQuiRRellySt4sH $1750.00; 7 eevin0581 $1400.00; 8 1stopshop $1120.00; 9 stevesorbo $875.00

Friday’s events on the PM IV schedule feature the final Stud tournament of the series (Event#29) as well as another PLO tournament and huge deep-stack $200 buy-in NL Hold’em tournament. The action begins at 19:00 server time so make sure you find your way to the tables for these events.

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- Matt Skinner, Gambling911.com


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