Poker Maximus IV – Day 10 Recap

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Matt Skinner
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Poker Maximus IV – Day 10 Recap

The last Saturday of Poker Maximus IV at Carbon Poker  brought four new winners to the series as players at Carbon get ready for Sunday’s big day of Main Events.

Event #30: $10,000 Guaranteed NLH Heads-Up – ($100+9 buy-in)

This heads-up event saw a little over $3K be awarded to the winner after 101 players put up the $100 entry fee. That prize was well worth the 4-hour wait it took to complete this tournament and it was down to two great poker players; bird42042 and Lenballs.

Both players got an Ace on what would be the final hand but it was bird42042’s Ac,Js  that was ahead. Lenballs was holding A-5 and needed some help on the board. That help wasn’t going to come this time as a flop of 7s,Ts,Jh gave bird42042 top pair and Lenballs needed runner-runner to stay alive. It didn’t come this time as the 8d and 8c fell with the next two cards and bird42042’s pair of Jacks held up as the winning hand. Congrats to bird42042 for taking down Event #30.

1 bird42042 $3030.00; 2 Lenballs $1818.00; 3 macatack69 $1010.00; 4 kamiljam89 $1010.00; 5 birdieking $404.00; 6 luckysteve77 $404.00; 7 eastcoastgrinder $404.00; 8 pentagram $404.00

Event #31: $20,000 Guaranteed NLH 6-Max, 1 rebuy/1 add-on – ($30+3 buy-in)

This prize pool got boosted up to over 25K after all the rebuy’s and add-ons and for the lucky two players that outlasted the 350+ field, that was fine by them. It came down to lazywolfcowboy and BrockDuncan in the end and both players were more than deserving of the win.

Lazywolfcowboy was holding Ac,3h and after making an initial pre-flop raise and getting played back at, he thought it was time to make a stand. He shoved the rest of his short stack in the middle and had to be dejected when BrockDuncan called and flipped over Ah,9c. When the flop came down 5d,Ad,Ts and both players hit top pair, lazywolfcowboy would still need some help as the kickers could be the difference. When the 7c and 2d fell on the turn and river, BrockDuncan’s 9-kicker played it turned out to be enough to push him over the top and take home the $5100 1st place prize.

Final table results

1 BrockDuncan $5196.76; 2 lazywolfcowboy $3802.51; 3 Thirdbaser747 $2839.21; 4 TiLtYdOg $1977.31; 5 mcpyr0 $1432.28; 6 dsilvs313 $899.93

Event #32: $15,000 Guaranteed PLO8– ($55+5 buy-in)

GetTurnedOn and HippieFlip  outlasted nearly 300 entrants in this final PLO tournament of PM IV and that meant that one of them would take home the $4K 1st place prize. Both players had been spectacular up until the final hand where it was HippieFlip that made a very costly slip-up.

HippieFlip was on the shorter and after a flop of Kc,Td,Qs came down, he thought it was time to get aggressive with his Ts,4c,6s,Ad. GetTurnedOn held 2s,Jc,4h,As and didn’t mind watching his opponent get aggressive as he had hit the nut straight and smelled the tournament title at this point. After the 9h came on the turn, GetTurnedOn led out and with not enough chips to make much more than a min-raise HippieFlip shoved all-in. It was an easy call for GetTurnedOn and when the 5h hit on the river, Event #32 was officially won by GetTurnedOn.

Final table results:

1 GetTurnedOn $3999.16; 2 HippieFlip $2655.18; 3 JohnFR1 $1639.00; 4 2door76 $1229.25; 5 dookihouser $1016.18; 6 LUBELAK63 $819.50; 7 golfpro2333 $655.60; 8 GrooGruxQueen7 $524.48; 9 BustoGrind1 $409.75

Event #33: $15,000 Guaranteed NL Hold’em 1 rebuy/1 add-on  – ($10+1 buy-in)

The largest field of the day (800+) took part in Saturday’s final event and all those entries added an extra $5K to the total prize pool. The 1st place portion of that ($3800) would be claimed by either DeucesWild99 or ToplessChick as both players had outlasted the rest of the field and were set in a showdown.

The final hand had a flop of 7h,3d,Jd, and this board was monstrous for both players. ToplessChick held 7s,3s, and her two pair was a very strong at this point. What made it better for her was the fact that DeucesWild99 had hit top pair with his Jc,9h and wasn’t going anywhere. After the Qc came on the turn the chips started to fly and it was DeucesWild99 who was all-in before the river card. The Ad hit on the river, meaning that ToplessChick’s two pair held up and she walked away the winner.

1 ToplessChick $3830.41; 2 DeucesWild99 $2429.29; 3 TheValuePackage $1784.17; 4 TufffDonkAA $1310.41; 5 clintonitis $1038.25; 6 ZOOKEEPER56 $806.41; 7 stackshady2 $624.97; 8 KKL65536 $483.85; 9 Smokey34 $383.05

- Matt Skinner,