Poker Maximus III – Day 4 Recap

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Matt Skinner
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Poker Maximus III – Day 4 Recap

In the first full Sunday of two 10 day Poker Maximus III event, four great tournaments went off, including the first HORSE event of Poker Maximus III. The other three tournaments were all No Limit Hold’em, but with Event #11 having $125K guaranteed and a $500 buy-in, we saw our first huge score of the series.  Join Carbon Poker here to take part in Poker Maximus III and have your show at a piece of the $125k!!!


Event #10: $100,000 Guaranteed NLH Freezeout – ($100+9 buy-in)

Although Event #11 and its $500 buy-in attracted most of the high rollers, this event and its $100K guaranteed pot was no slouch either. With the prize pool nearly as big and the buy-in 1/5th the size, it was no surprise to see this tournament have plenty more entries as 918 players ended up taking a chance at hitting the big score.

In the end it came down to franklyspeaking and ShinRyuKen in a heads-up battle that went back and forth for quite some time. There were a few instances when all the chips went in pre-flop and that was the case on the final hand. It was ShinRyuKen on the short stack who decided that his As,6h was good enough to shove as Ace-high is really strong in heads up play. However, franklyspeaking and an ace of his own with Ah,3h and made the call. When the flop came down 2d,8d,5s, ShinRyuKen was still in the lead with his six-kicker but a deadly 4 on any of the final two streets would end his run. The turn card was the Ts, but on the river the dreaded 4d came down giving franklyspeaking the five-high straight and the tournament win. He took down $19,000 for that big win.

Final Table Payouts and Prize Winners:

1 franklyspeaking $19000.00; 2 ShinRyuKen $12050.00; 3 Floats4Notes $8850.00; 4 blitz2012 $6500.00; 5 MaryKG1956 $5150.00; 6 WonderBurrito $4000.00; 7 LylaBlue $3100.00; 8 BRAGDENSMAMMA $2400.00; 9 ducttapeworm7 $1900.00

Event #11: $125,000 Guaranteed NLH – ($500+30 buy-in)

This was the big event of the day and with such a steep buy-in only 195 players decided to take a run at their share of the $125K guaranteed. With this small of a field players needed to finish in the top 18 to cash and it was a battle of very talented players for over 10 hours before a champion was crowned.

The lucky two to showdown for all the marbles were andinista420 and Poker Maximus II veteran PLAYNWITHNADA. These two had grinded out the marathon tournament to battle for the $34625.00 first prize and the final hand saw a monster take it down.

After a flop of Jc,5h,6h, both players looked down at their hands and didn’t mind what they saw. PLAYNWITHNADA had 8h,7d, and was holding a nice straight draw. He led out and was a bit surprised to see a raise from his opponent. Andinista420 was holding the 7h,3h and had a gutshot straight flush draw. PLAYNWITHNADA decided now was the best time to take a shot and shoved all-in. The call was made but when the 4h came on the tournament the game was over. Andinista420 had hit his straight flush and there was nothing PLAYNWITHNADA could do but accept defeat. A $22,500 payday isn’t a bad consolation prize though.

1 andinista420 $34625.00; 2 PLAYNWITHNADA $22500.00; 3 alsweetbread $15000.00; 4 rakebackpro993 $10000.00; 5 whatupDG $8000.00; 6 JordanKobe23 $6250.00; 7 UtleyFan8 $5000.00; 8 CourtContugo $4000.00; 9 BearEatFish $3125.00

Event #12: $7.5K Guaranteed HORSE – ($30+3 buy-in)

HORSE is one of those styles of poker that you really have to experience plenty of to get it down and Carbon was happy to see the popularity of this form of poker grow. In the end 303 entrants tried their hand at the 7.5K guaranteed prize pool which was boosted up to a little over $9K with all those entrants.

The top 36 players ended up cashing but it came down to IwmQsl and 2hourRoll1time in a hold’em hand. 2hourRoll1time had been beaten down to less than a full big blind by this time and simply had to play whatever he was dealt. A 9s,4d were the cards he was holding and when the flop came down 4c,Js,6s, he had some hope with a pair. But that was all he had as his opponent was holding 8h,Jh and had a higher pair himself. When a K came on the turn, 2hourRoll1time was left with only a few outs and missed them all when another 6 fell on the river. Congrats to IwmQsl for taking down this HORSE event.

Final table results:

1 lwmQsl $2090.70; 2 2hourRoll1time $1427.13; 3 JerryPress $909.00; 4 death2hezbollah $681.75; 5 NaughtyEskimo $554.49; 6 NewAcctRunGood $454.50; 7 666pakman666 $354.51; 8 YesImLifted420 $263.61; 9 cryptogram $199.98

Event #13: - $7,500 Guaranteed NLH 1 rebuy +1 add-on – ($10+1 buy-in)

The final event of Day 4 was a small rebuy tournament that attracted 693 players to the field. By the time all the rebuy’s and add-ons were complete; the prize pool was double its guaranteed number at $16,720.

When KidSanAntonio and FresnoDull had reached their final hand of their heads-up showdown, it was time for the chips to get all-in pre-flop. KidSanAntonio had the chip lead and better hand with his Kc,Js, while FresnoDull was holding 7,8 suited. A flop of 2d,Kh,Jh basically sealed the deal for KidSanAntonio with his two-pair as there was little FresnoDull could hit besides a runner-runner for trips. When the turn was a 6d, FresnoDull’s dream was over and he finished with $2,078 for his runner up spot. Congratulations to KidSanAntonio for taking Event #13 and earning a little over $3300 in the process.

1 KidSanAntonio $3344.01; 2 FresnoDull $2078.30; 3 asianclayaiken3 $1588.41; 4 GrampaPoker $1170.41; 5 thediggs77 $877.81; 6 tretrovstacked $668.81; 7 WTFthisisntStars $501.61; 8 FootBallaCam818 $418.01; 9 HOUSE222 $334.41

- Matt Skinner,