Poker Maximus III – Day 10 Recap

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Matt Skinner
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Poker Maximus III – Day 10 Recap

The last Saturday of Poker Maximus III wrapped up yesterday as players are gearing up for the four main events on Sunday. Day 10’s events had two different No Limit Hold’em tournaments take place along with another PLO8 tournament.   Play online poker for FREE or REAL MONEY at Carbon Poker here and receive up to $600 in FREE CASH

Event #29: $7,500 Guaranteed NLH Heads-Up – ($100+9 buy-in)

93 players decided to test their NLH skills in the mano-a-mano format of this heads up event and because of that, they needed to finish in the top 16 to place. There were a few players that have seen great success in past PM III events, but it was DrBinkage and rakebackpro993 who outlasted them all and met in the final showdown for 1st.

After getting through a few heads-up matches already, these two weren’t interested in playing a marathon. The final hand had the blinds of 50/100 chips when DrBinkage made a min-raise to 200, only to see rakebackpro993 go all in over the top for their 3000 chips. DrBinkage was holding As,Jh and was more than willing to call as he liked his decision even more when his opponent flipped over Ks,Td. The board brought a pair for both with Th,4s,Ah falling, but DrBinkage was still out in front with his pair of aces. The turn and river sealed the win for DrBinkage with the 6d and 7d falling respectively. Congrats to DrBinkage on winning nearly $2800 in the process.

1 DrBinkage $2790.00; 2 rakebackpro993 $1674.00; 3 thedtrain1 $930.00; 4 contrarian321 $930.00; 5 Girlcanplay3 $372.00; 6 veryhoudini $372.00; 7 DioDio2 $372.00; 8 Hollywood316 $372.00; 9 KULEB9KA $186.00

Event #30: $15,000 Guaranteed NLH 6-Max, 1 rebuy/1 add-on – ($30+3 buy-in)

Event #30 saw 296 players enter this short-handed tournament as these players wanted to try and claim one of these final Poker Maximus III events. The total prize pool finished at $21,000 after the rebuy/add-on period was over, making the winner’s share over $4700. It came down to Jroc11 and ugursus for that cash and they staged a great heads-up battle.

On the final hand, JRoc11 was holding Kd,Jd and made a modest pre-flop raise. Ugursus had Jc,8s and made the call to see a flop. The board came down 3h,Qc,Tc giving both players a straight draw. It was ugursus who now bet out and JRoc11 wasn’t going anywhere with a call. The turn brought an Ad, which was no help to either and now it was JRoc11’s turn to bet and be called. It was the rivered 9s that brought the fireworks as both players hit their straights and all the chips went in. JRoc11 had the higher straight and because of it took down Event #30.

Final table results

1 JRoc11 $4704.00; 2 ugursus $3213.00; 3 Trauernicht $2341.50; 4 laughcar2 $1680.00; 5 edge444 $1260.00; 6 BlackAces100 $840.00; 7 PeanutnSam $567.00; 8 g3r4rdOx $567.00; 9 wb1234 $567.00

Event #31: $10,000 Guaranteed PLO8– ($55+5 buy-in)

Event #31 was the final PM III for Sunday’s Main Events and it got 223 players looking for some extra practice. PLO8 tournaments during this installment of Poker Maximus have garnered plenty of interest and when all was said and done here, the players were playing for over $12,000. You needed to come in the top 27 to get paid, but it was dfreshfish and EstyzBalln who outlasted them all and played heads-up for the title.

After playing for over 7 hours, these two players were fine with getting it all-in early and the final hand was no different. It was EstyzBalln who shoved all-in pre-flop with Ah,6h,8d,Jd, and was called by dfreshfish holding 3d,Ks,7d,4c. The flop came down 5s,7h,3h and both players were looking alright for the low hand at least. But when the 2c and Ac fell on the turn and river, dfreshfish made the wheel (A through 5 straight) which was good enough to take the high and the low and claim 1st place.

Final table results:

1 dfreshfish $2992.67; 2 EstyzBalln $1986.94; 3 wb1234 $1226.51; 4 WszystkoNaZeroo0 $919.88; 5 allinaverageguy420 $760.44; 6 exoticspice $613.26; 7 thewiseguy2 $490.61; 8 setup2fail $392.48; 9 littlebopeek $306.62