Poker Diva Daniel Negreanu Throws Tantrum at EPT Barcelona

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Nagesh Rath
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Poker Diva Daniel Negreanu Throws Tantrum at EPT Barcelona

One of poker’s most outspoken characters, Daniel Negreanu, had a temper tantrum Thursday at the European Poker Tour €10k High Roller event.

Negreanu revolted against a new so-called “first card” rule, leading to him quitting the event.


It all began when Negreanu was in the small blind. Negreanu, who had recently been talking with Philipp Gruissem at an adjacent table, had returned to his table, posted his small blind, and stood behind his chair while continuing to talk across the tournament floor. The dealer began to deal the cards and immediately mucked Negreanu's hand. When Negreanu turned his head back to the table and saw this had happened, fireworks began to fly.

Negreanu erupted. 

"I was right there!" shouted Negreanu. "I was standing right there! 

"I was standing right behind my chair talking to Philipp. I was one step behind my chair. I had already posted my small blind!"

Eventually, the tournament director ruled that the dealer had made the correct call as per the EPT rules.   

"This rule is so bad." he continued. "F*** it. I'm all in blind. Come on, next hand. Let's go. I'm all in blind."

"These f***ing rules are so stupid they make me want to shoot myself in the face!" exclaimed Negreanu.

"That seems to be what you've just done," ribbed Scott Seiver with a grin from the next table over.

- Nagesh Rath,