Poker ‘Psycho’ Matt Marafioti Accused of Trying to Hack Into Fellow Players Accounts

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Poker ‘Psycho’ Matt Marafioti Accused of Trying to Hack Into Fellow Players Acco

In a shocking development first reported on the popular posting forums, poker pro Matt Mafafioti has been accused of conspiring to hack into fellow players accounts with the assistance of another player, Samer Rahman.  While these allegations cannot independently be confirmed by, it should be noted that administrators of the website have elected to keep the forum post up. 

Marafioti, readers might recall, is the same individual who unleashed on his ex-girlfriend, poker player Lauren Kling as part of an epic Twitter meltdown. 

The alleged conspiracy dates back to January of this year (2012), the period for which the Skype conversation was generated.  It should be noted that the format is in European year-month-date.   

Forum member CraigMarq breaks it down for us:

It's a chat log of adz discussing how he wants to do some superuseresque [sic] exploiting of his fellow poker players with a Samer Rahman. Basically it should be read from the bottom up. Seems like according to the chat log adz was approached by an acquaintance about be party to scamming fellow hsnl regs via hole card viewing. The second part of the transcription is adz being really excited and wanting to start trying to compromise people's computers at this years past PCA.

Also there are mentions of the infamous Alladiin account on FTP that scammed people by requesting coaching and then infecting the coaches [sic] computer with a hole card viewing Trojan. There are some context clues possibly linking both people to that account also.

There are further context clues that adz has multiple accounts.

Despite his flaws, Marafioti remains a force on the poker circuit, having gone deep in six live poker events this year. 

He has one win under his belt from 2007 at the 5th Annual Empire State Hold’em Championships with a take of $198,473.

For his part, Marafioti has denied the disheartening allegations lodged against him.

@constantcolorup Right. I'm sure I have been hacking with my break even PTR graph since 08. People love talking about me. Didn't you notice?

@constantcolorup This conversation is totally fake and doctored. Haha, is this real?

@constantcolorup Someone is going to get hurt real bad.

Samer Rahman was alleged to have cheated Finnish poker pro Patrik Antonius in the past.

- Jagajeet Chiba,