Online Poker: Poor Players Makes Up For Poor Software, Tournament offerings

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Ace King
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Aug/02/2011 Online Poker

British Columbia’s only legal online poker site,, initially received a lot of flack for some early security flaws.  Since that time they have begun to capitalize a bit on the closure of Full Tilt Poker and concerns over’s ability to pay customers living in Canada. 

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The folks from offered their feedback recently, some good, some bad.

The bad had to do with the software, which is a pretty common complaint industry wide, especially as it applies to relatively new software platforms.

The good, at least for players participating on this board, is that many of those on the site tend to be “soft” and easy to beat. also offers some favorable tournament prize pools. 

ILike2Play writes:

The software is not very good but the game play makes up for it. Players on this site aren't very good. The 2-4 tables have good action but have some really good players. The 1-2 tables are okay, sometimes have great players and other times very soft players. The .50-1.00 tables are horrible in a good way. I don't play too many tourney's but I have played some and they aren't bad. There is some really good tourney players on that site. The first Sunday of the month is well worth it. $50K prize pool and only about a third of the buy in will register. Great deal if you ask me.

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Depositing of funds was described by one Canadian player as a “pain in the ass”.  He added that the multi-tabling speed “appeared to be off”. 

There is also the issue of the Sit and Go’s, as noted by poster hotshott74:

Sit Out/Time Out feature, if you get timed out you automatically miss the next hand. SUPER FRUSTRATING especially if this is BB and then you miss your small. Wonder what happens when the Bad Beat is won at the table and your sitting out because of this?

DennisG had this to offer:

The site is good in the sense that there is a lot of poor play, a real mine field, if you will...but yeah, the lack of players and tourneys worth playing is annoying. Everything happens between 5pm and 8 pm pst it seems..nothing afterwards...While this is usually good, it isn't when you have a life to deal with as I used to HATE late registration...but I really wish this site had it as the only tournies are right on the hour and half hour..big wait when you just miss one.

It’s interesting to point out to those worried that the Vegas casinos will overtake the American poker sector once legalization occurs in the States that international online poker rooms that target Canadian players like 888Poker can still compete with much more lucrative bonuses., now the 5th largest in the world, was currently offering a FREE $400 plus additional free cash coupons. appeared to be offering little cash incentive to join. 

- Ace King,

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