Player Wins $65,000 at Doyles Room Poker Rake Race

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Online poker player AnthonyDSI has taken the leading spot in DoylesRoom's Race to the Top and the chase is on again for another $65,000 this month. After accumulating over 13,000 leader board points by playing at the cash tables and generating rake, AnthonyDSI took the top prize and the leader board has now been reset for a brand new Race to the Top for the month of March.

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AnthonyDSI held onto the lead after swiping the top spot from Penny00, who was ahead of the pack for the first two weeks. Penny00 leaves the race with $3,500, 3rd place finisher Boomulls has won a $2,500 bonus. In all, 350 players will share in the $65,000 prize pool.

March 1st marks the start of a brand new $65,000 Race to the Top rake race at DoylesRoom's To win, online poker players need to keep playing at the real money cash tables to earn points. The more rake a player generates, the more points they'll collect and the higher they’ll move on the Race to the Top Leader Board.

The online poker company has made it even easier for players to accumulate points. In addition to earning leader board points by playing at the cash tables, DoylesRoom is also awarding points to tournament players. Playing in the $50k Guarantee on March 13th will earn a player 500 points and allows players to collect anywhere from 5 to 200 additional points depending on which tournament they play.