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The world’s largest real money online poker room, PokerStars, has come to the rescue of those players affected by the abrupt shutdown of long established PKR Poker it was revealed this week.

At the time of its sudden closure, PKR left customers in limbo without any type of recourse for recovering funds.

PokerStars has not acquired the customer database of PKR.  The company says it has no desire to track down money withdrawn from PKR accounts but not paid out before the closure (i.e. in-transit funds).  PokerStars has not purchased the actual poker site or its software.

“We're not doing this to improve our bottom line and we are not acquiring or planning to revive the PKR software platform. We're doing this because we think it's the right thing to do for the poker world and to encourage others to join us in putting you, the player, first by segregating and protecting player balances from operating funds.”

No US players were affected by the PKR Poker closure as they restricted access from this country.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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