This Pilgrim is Black – And a Damn Good Poker Player

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Thomas Somach
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Every depiction you've ever seen of the first Thanksgiving shows that all the Pilgrims were white.

Well, nowadays there's at least one Pilgrim who is black--and he's a poker pro!

A recent story by about the dearth of diversity in professional poker noted that only one well-known top poker pro is black--Phil Ivey. also noted, however, that an up-and-coming young poker pro who just won a major tournament--Seneca Easley of Ft. Worth, Texas--is also black, giving hopes to the game that it can increase its diversity at the top levels.

After the story ran, heard from multiple sources about another black poker pro who is successful but relatively unknown--Dwyte Pilgrim.

So how successful is the man whose favorite vacation destination is likely Plymouth Rock?

According to official tournament records, Pilgrim, 28, from New York City, has won a total of $1,665,196 in his career playing live tournament poker.

His biggest payday came when he won the Borgata Poker Open Championship Event last September in Atlantic City, earning a cool $733,802.

His second-biggest payday came from winning a tournament at the Harrahs Rincon casino in San Diego in 2009, earning him $125,775.

Coincidentally, that San Diego casino is where Easley won a tournament last month.

In all, Pilgrim has won eight tournaments in his career, and has finished in the money 46 times.

Despite winning over a million and a half bucks in his career, he has yet to shine on poker's big stage.

At last year's World Series of Poker Main Event, the only time he's moneyed in poker's biggest tournament, Pilgrim finished in 414th place, earning $31,647.

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