Phil Ivey Ex Not Happy With Divorce Settlement

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Phil Ivey Ex Not Happy With Divorce Settlement

Despite receiving millions of dollars and a $1.2 million purse collection, Phil Ivey’s ex-wife Luciaetta Ivey does not believe the couple’s divorce settlement to be fair. 

A court document filed Tuesday with the Nevada Supreme Court, Luciaetta Ivey "has attempted only to secure information to confirm that she received a fair settlement."

"That Phil has refused to voluntarily provide the information that Luciaetta seeks only supports her belief that the settlement was not fair," her attorney, Bruce Shapiro, wrote.

Luciaetta took her matter to the state Supreme Court after it was determined that her husband had contributed heavily to the campaign of Bill Gonzalez, the Clark County Family Court judge assigned to the sealed divorce case.

Phil Ivey's contribution alone amounted to 7 percent of Gonzalez's cash campaign contributions. The judge raised about $71,000 in cash donations in 2010.

"There can be no doubt that when a family court litigant makes a substantial contribution to a family court judge and then appears in front of that judge only months later, that it is unseemly and raises at least the appearance of impropriety," Shapiro wrote.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com