Phil Ivey Bites The Dust: Snubs Media

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C Costigan
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It will be Darvin Moon and Joe Cada going up against one another to determine the winner of the 2009 World Series of Poker.  It only took 18 hours!

The online sportsbook community breathed a collective sigh of relief after Phil Ivey found himself eliminated at 7th place.  Many bets with huge payout odds were made prior to the start of the 2009 WSOP whereby Ivey, one of the most recognized pros, would win it all.

The 32-year old was eliminated after Darvin Moon caught a queen to make a pair for the last of the professional's chips.

Ivey only gave media access to WSOP TV hostess Lacey Jones and Nolan Dalla, the WSOP media director after he exited the table.

Here is a look at the "almost" final results:


1. Darvin Moon (58,930,000)

AGE: 46

HOMETOWN: Oakland, Md.

OCCUPATION: self-employed logger



2. Joseph Cada (13,215,000)

AGE: 21

HOMETOWN: Shelby Township, Mich.

OCCUPATION: poker player

PRIOR SERIES ACCOMPLISHMENTS: two no-limit Texas Hold 'em cashes in 2009 ($28,214)


3. Antoine "Tonio" Saout (3rd: $3.48 million)

AGE: 25

HOMETOWN: Saint Martin des Champs, France

OCCUPATION: poker player

THE BEAT: Eliminated by Cada when a king fell on the final community card, giving Cada a better pair than Saout's eights.



4. Eric Buchman (4th: $2.5 million)

AGE: 30

HOMETOWN: Valley Stream, N.Y.

OCCUPATION: poker player

THE BEAT: Lost most chips to Saout, couldn't survive enough all-in wagers to build back from the hand.

PRIOR SERIES ACCOMPLISHMENTS: nine cashes since 2004 for $320,893; including 114th at the main event in 2006 for $51,129


5. Jeff Shulman (5th: $1,953,452)

AGE: 34


OCCUPATION: president of Card Player Media, poker player

THE BEAT: Eliminated with pocket sevens in a classic race against Saout, who held ace-nine and picked up a nine on the flop for a pair.

PRIOR SERIES ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 15 cashes since 2000 for $289,551, seventh at main event in 2000 ($146,700)


6. Steven Begleiter (6th: $1,587,160)

AGE: 47

HOMETOWN: Chappaqua, N.Y.

OCCUPATION: private equity, former Bear Stearns Cos. executive

THE BEAT: Eliminated with pocket queens by Moon, who connected with an ace on the river for a better pair.

PRIOR SERIES ACCOMPLISHMENTS: made it to Day 3 of 2008 main event


7. Phil Ivey (7th: $1,404,014)

AGE: 32


OCCUPATION: poker player

THE BEAT: Eliminated with ace-king when Moon, holding ace-queen, hit a pair of queens on the flop.

PRIOR SERIES ACCOMPLISHMENTS: seven gold bracelets and 35 cashes since 2000 for $3.46 million. Two wins in 2009, including a $2,500 Omaha/seven card stud high-low eight or better ($220,538) and no-limit deuce to seven draw lowball ($96,367)


8. Kevin Schaffel (8th: $1,300,231)

AGE: 52

HOMETOWN: Coral Springs, Fla.

OCCUPATION: semiretired, cash game player

THE BEAT: Eliminated with pocket aces by Eric Buchman, who held pocket kings but made four of a kind after the community cards were dealt.

PRIOR SERIES ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 324th in 2008 main event ($32,166)


9. James Akenhead (9th: $1,263,602)

AGE: 26


OCCUPATION: poker player

THE BEAT: Eliminated with a pocket pair of threes against Schaffel's pocket nines. Community cards bring a 10, two deuces, a seven and a nine, giving Schaffel an unnecessary full house.

PRIOR SERIES ACCOMPLISHMENTS: two cashes last year, including one at the World Series of Poker Europe and a runner-up finish in a $1,500 buy-in no-limit Texas Hold 'em tournament ($520,219)