Phil Ivey “Cell Phone” Usage Major Distraction At Aussie Millions 2011

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Phil Ivey Cell Phone

Phil Ivey was among the chip leaders after Day 1A of the Aussie Millions 2011 Main Event.  He is also the odds-on favorite to win at those bookmakers who are taking bets on the Southern hemisphere’s biggest poker tournament.  But as noted, Ivey’s use of a cell phone during the tournament is starting to become a serious issue.

The Crown Casino, which is hosting this year’s Aussie Millions main event, has placed restrictions on cell phone usage at the tables:

Basically every minute that Ivey's not in a hand he's on his phone, either texting or talking. We assume he's talking to bookies, coordinating high-stakes sports bets, chartering private jets and generally orchestrating the baller lifestyle that he's known to enjoy.

When he arrived to take his seat on Day 1A of this event he played one hand, whipped out his cell phone and was immediately handed a five-minute penalty.

Ivey pleaded ignorance to the floor staff but they asserted that he's played here many times and should know the rules by now. Ivey then changed tacks, telling them that it was ridiculous to impose such a rule on him, since he had so much important business to attend to on the phone.

PokerListings expects Ivey is going to rack up some serious penalties.

Ivey, not used to being treated like other mere mortals, must have been surprised when they told him he would be held accountable just like every other player in the tournament, they suggested.

- Ace King,