Phil Hellmuth: New Poker Players 'Lack Reading Ability'

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Nagesh Rath
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Phil Hellmuth:  New Poker Players “Lack Reading Ability”

In an interview with, 13 time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth says today’s new blood lacks the ability to read other players when taking part in live tournaments.


“I think one interesting trend in poker is that everybody seems to have a solid mathematical background and everyone seems to play a lot of hands. But sometimes I feel that a lot of the new blood in poker, a lot of them, even those who have made a lot of money and are very successful – maybe they lack reading abilities.

“Poker players in the old days, they all became great poker players because of their reading abilities. Poker players in the new days, became great players because of their mathematical skills.

“And that's really good for me, because now I get to play with guys that are not necessarily good at reading people and are not necessarily good at hiding their own emotions.”

Hellmuth made news earlier after he arrived at the 2013 WPT Venice Grand Prix dressed in Carnevale di Venezia garb and quickly busted out.  He turned a lot of heads and some weren’t impressed.

Poker pro Tony G had this to say about Hellmuth’s colourful entrance:

Tony G ‏@TonyGuoga26 Mar

He deserves to fall in the canal for this - @phil_hellmuth stupid entrance #wptvenice 

2013 WPT Venice Grand Prix – Day 1B Chip Leaders

1.    Fernando Cimaglia – 175,000
2.    Massimo Mosele – 132,500
3.    Simone Ferretti – 122,600
4.    Ludovic Lacay – 118,000
5.    Quoc Trung Nguyen – 113,800
6.    Francesco Delfonco – 100,000
7.    Ivan Gabrieli – 97,900
8.    Roberto Begni – 96,200
9.    Giacomo Fundaro – 93,700
10.    Jurgen Paulisch – 93,000

2013 WPT Venice Grand Prix – Overall Day 1 Chip Leaders

1.    Stephen Behm – 188,000
2.    Fernando Cimaglia – 175,000
3.    Massimo Mosele – 132,500
4.    Marvin Rettenmaier – 129,600
5.    Simone Ferretti – 122,600
6.    Ludovic Lacay – 118,000
7.    Quoc Trung Nguyen – 113,800
8.    Francesco Delfonco – 100,000
9.    Mike Sexton – 99,900
10.    Ivan Gabrieli – 97,900

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