Pearl Jammer’s Girlfriend’s Account Hacked at Full Tilt Poker

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Apparently, online poker players need to take extra steps in protecting their online poker assets. It is being reported that online poker pro, PearlJammer's girlfriend has been the victim of a theft as it seems that her Full Tilt Poker account was hacked into last night. The brazen hacker then proceeded to sit down at a cash game table and dump off approximately $30,000 while PearlJammer watched helplessly.

There has been such an uproar over this situation that a thread devoted on it has been's most commented on over the past 12 hours. Though it is unclear exactly how the perpetrator got in, he quickly logged in and sat down to play. Apparently, PearlJammer became aware very quickly and logged in to confront the player at the table. In response, the thief taunted PearlJammer saying things like, "its all gone. Don (sic) worry about it."

Below is a copy of the transcript of the chat box as pearljammer helplessly watched the $30,000 disappear.

Jon Turner (Observer): PLEASE HELP
Jon Turner (Observer): FULT TILT PLEASE HELP
XTraCey: good job jon turner
Jon Turner (Observer): I NEED SUPPORT NOW
Jon Turner (Observer): XTRACEY'S ACCT HACKED OBV
Jon Turner (Observer): PLEASE HELP!
XTraCey: this is all your fault
Jon Turner (Observer): what u mean it's my fault?
XTraCey: i was up 10k
XTraCey: losing it all for u
XTraCey: bud
XTraCey: ur gonna lose this girl 30k
jacmans36 (Observer): jon i think you got it right
XTraCey: u shold say sorry
Jon Turner (Observer): first change password back
Jon Turner (Observer): obv lol
Jon Turner (Observer): this is ***** retarded
XTraCey: ya your a retard
XTraCey: and john turner is the man
TurTurow77 (Observer): tilt
XTraCey: john turner is the man
oldsock (Observer): e-mail ftp
XTraCey: its all gone
XTraCey: don worry about it

PearlJammer's calls or help were unnoticed and before long, all the money, which he apparently staked his girlfriend was all gone.

In response, he posted on his own thread with his angry thoughts on the situation. There he wrote:

"No **** I'm pissed.

I'm a red pro and have no way of getting in touch with anyone at support while I watch all 30k (of my money for the record since I back her) that I have on her account pissed away.

I saw at least $15k dumped to URnotINdanger2 and The_Ses so I don't know if it was actual dumping to people the hacker knows or what. Was he maybe just messing around and losing? It has to be dumping but he wasn't raising like almost all of his money and then folding... he was going all in blind every hand though, and once the other guy had a huge hand, they called.

I have no idea what to do. I'm am going insane."

At present time, it is not clear what action, if any, Full Tilt Poker will be taking on the matter.