Pay Per Head Sports Betting Business Now Offers Poker to Customers

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Pay Per Head Poker

The popular Gambling911.com endorsed pay per head business PayPerHead.com is now offering poker to its clients, one of the first PPH shops to do so and their own Mauricio D. has his take on this new enterprise. 

If you told me years back when I first got involved in the pay per head business that I’d one day be offering my clients the ability to play poker, I would have told you that you were friggin nuts. Fast forward a handful of years and yup, it’s a reality.

I am proud to announce that Payperhead.com now gives our pph agents the ability to let their players play online poker.

Although a couple other price per head shops also offer poker, none of them have it covered like we do.  Texas Hold Em, Omaha, Limit, No Limit, cash games, tournaments… the agents’ players will have access to it all.

Of course this all came about thanks to the ‘Black Friday of Poker’ a couple months back when numerous post-up offshore poker and bookmaking joints were essentially shut-down by the US authorities.

Overnight there were hundreds of thousands of poker players without a home; so we acted fast. The early numbers are exceeding expectations as more and more players test their skills at the tables every day.

If the price per head agent wishes to offer poker to his players, the process is quite easy. He’ll contact all of his players seeing who is in fact interested in playing poker. He will then need to send us whatever money the players wish to have in their poker account. Next, the pph agent sends us whatever money his player wants in their account. They get access to the poker site, and then it’s time to play.

How does the agent make money off of this you ask? Easy, he gets a healthy portion of the rake.

Just another example of Payperhead.com is the industry leader for per head sportsbooks.

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