Patrik Antonius Beats Tom Durr in Million Dollar Poker Challenge

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Patrik Antonius

The online forums were buzzing as Durrr sat down to face Patrik Antonius in a Pot Limit Omaha $500-$1000 match on Full Tilt Poker, thinking it was the beginning of Durrr's Challenege. However, it was not part of the challenge so it was just a preliminary match up between the online poker behemoths. When it was all said and done, Antonius walked away with over $1 million, $875,0000 of which from Durrr's account.

During the massive win from Durrr, Antonius was able to win two pots in excess of $500,000 each. I will describe both of these to you.

Antonius' First Pot Against Durrr

In the first hand, Antonius was dealt Qd-3s-Kd-4h in the small blind. Taking the initiative, he raised to $3,000 and was quickly re-raised to $9,000 by Durrr. Antonius makes the call and the flop was Jd-Kc-3c giving Antonius top and bottom pair. On the flop, Durrr bet $13,200 and Antonius made the call. The turn card was the 4 of diamonds and that's when the fireworks ensued. Antonius now had Kings and 4's with a flush draw. Durrr checked, Antonius bet $44,000 and Durrr made the check raise to $144,000. Antonius quickly pushed all in and the pot had ballooned to over $500,000. The river card was the 2 of clubs and seemingly helped no one as Antonius was able to take down a pot of $508,231. It turned out that Durrr had 7h-3d-5d-4c for a dominated flush draw as well as a straight draw on the turn. Drawing slim, he did not get the miracle he needed.

Antonius' Second Pot Against Durrr

The second hand of note also occurred between the same two players along with Gus Hansen. It occurred during a game of no limit hold em with $500-$1000 blinds. Antonius was on the button holding the King-7 of hearts. He raised to $3,500 and Durrr, sitting in the small blind raised to $11,000. Hansen folds and Antonius, in position, makes the call. The flop is Qh-5c-Kc giving him top pair. Durrr leads out for $17,000 and Antonius makes the call. The turn card was the 6 of spades and a raising war ensures with both players getting over $200,000 each into the pot. Durrr ended up showing 8c-9c for an open ended straight draw and flush draw but the 5 of hearts on the river does not help and Durrr takes down the pot of $562,719.