PartyPoker to Make Multi-Table Tournaments Rake Free in January (2012)

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Patrick Flanigan
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PartyPoker to Make Multi-Table Tournaments Rake Free

PartyPoker, which has been alternating with rival iPoker Network, for the coveted second most trafficked online poker room, has announced it will make multi-table tournaments rake free during the month of January. 

PartyPoker.com attempted a similar scheme back in the summer following the collapse of then number two Web poker room, Full Tilt Poker. 

Here’s how Party made that promo possible, a la Poker News Daily:

This summer, PartyPoker used different methods for erasing tournament fees based on the buy-in.  Tournaments with buy-ins greater than $6 had their fees dropped.  For example, a $20 + $2 tournament turned into a $20 + $0 tournament.  The prize pools were the same; players simply got to play for free.  In tournaments with buy-ins under $6, the fees were rolled into the buy-in.  A $5 + $0.50 tournament, for example, morphed into a $5.50 + $0 tournament.  Thus, the overall price remained constant but the prize pool was increased.

The multi-table rake free promo during the summer helped push Party past iPoker to land in the number two spot for the first time in five years after exiting the US market. 

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- Patrick Flanagan, Gambling911.com