PartyGaming Files Motion To Dismiss in Kentucky Case

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:
PartyGaming Kentucky

PartyGaming, which operates the world’s third largest online poker room, has filed a Motion to Dismiss regarding the Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Pocket Kings, et al.

Kentucky has been waging a war against the online gambling sector for the better part of two years now.  The Commonwealth first attempted to seize some 141 industry-related website domains but failed in its quest when the defendants won on appeal.  Now Kentucky has filed suit claiming that its citizens suffered damages as a result of said companies targeting the Commonwealth’s citizens.  The suit only names Full Tilt Poker’s parent company, Pocket Kings, Microgaming and PartyGaming specifically. 
Party claims in its Motion that  

1)      service was improper because it was not done in compliance with the standards set forth in the Hague Convention;

2)      The Secretary of Justice has no power to bring this lawsuit (only the Attorney General has such power); and

3)      The Commonwealth has failed to state a claim because it has not identified a “loser” or a “loss” and it has failed to allege facts to show that PartyGaming is a “winner.”

The complaint covers a period prior to October 2006 when PartyGaming voluntarily left the US market.

- Christopher Costigan,