Paper Boy Wins £4 million Playing Poker

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Ace King
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The newspapers may not be doing well financially, but some of the paper delivery boys sure are.

The Sun reported on Monday that a former paperboy has won a whopping £4 million playing full time poker.

Andrew Feldman, 21, from Watford, racked up the fortune in less than three years

"He has already splashed out on a £90,000 Audi R8 supercar as well as a plush £500,000 pad. Andrew began playing online games of Texas Hold'em for £1 a time from his bedroom. Within months he was winning tournaments and moved on to big-money games.

He said: "It wasn't long before I was earning more in a day at poker than I would in five years delivering papers." Mr Feldman, who earned £25 a week as a paperboy, has signed up with US online giant Full Tilt Poker and travels the world playing in televised tournaments with the biggest stars. But he added: "I am something of an introvert. I don't show off with my money."

No of course not Andrew!

Ace King,