Online Sportsbooks Begin Releasing 2012 WSOP Prop Odds

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Thomas Somach
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Online Sportsbooks Begin Releasing 2012 WSOP Prop Odds

You can even bet on whether man will cash in on women’s tourney at some

Online betting sites have begun to release wagering odds on a variety of proposition bets for the 2012 World Series of Poker, which gets underway later this month in Las Vegas.


Among the props are yes/no questions on whether a woman will win a WSOP championship gold bracelet, whether some top poker legends will win another bracelet and whether anyone will win more than one bracelet.

Other proposition bets involve head-to-head matchups of selected poker pros over who will earn more money at the WSOP and an over/under on the number of entrants there will be in the WSOP Main Event.

There is even one site that, if you want to bet on whether a woman will win an open tournament at this year's WSOP, the odds are Yes at +120 and No at -160.

That means if you want to wager on Yes you have to put up $100 to win $120, while if you want to wager on No you have to put up $160 to win $100.

The reason the bet is specified as winning an "open" tournament is because one of the WSOP tourneys is a women-only tournament.

Technically, however, because of Federal anti-discrimination laws, the WSOP can't legally prevent men from entering the women-only tournament, and occasionally one does, although they are usually doing so to make a political point and not to compete against perceived weaker women players.

And there's a prop for that.

If you want to bet on whether a man will cash in the women-only tourney, you can get odds of +300 for Yes and -500 for No.

Legendary poker icons are the subject of several of these proposition bets for the upcoming WSOP.

Phil "Poker Brat" Hellmuth Jr., who has won more WSOP bracelets than anyone in history, 11, will be gunning for a record 12th this time out, but will he get it?

If you think he will, the odds are +400, and if you think he won't, the odds are -700.

Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson and Johnny "The Orient Express" Chan each have won 10 bracelets.

In a combined sort of prop, you can wager on whether either one of them will his 11th bracelet this year: it's +500 that at least one of them will and -900 that neither will.

Phil "Poison" Ivey has won eight bracelets in his career--will he win a ninth this year?

The Yes option is listed at +400 while the No lists at -700.

The No looks like a lock since Ivey probably won't even attend this year's WSOP.

He didn't attend last year's WSOP, either.

Ever since the U.S. government busted online poker room Full Tilt Poker last year, of which Ivey is believed to be a part-owner, the world's top black player has avoided appearing in public at major poker events, reportedly to avoid backlash from FTP customers who lost funds in the bust.

Incredibly, some of these websites do not have stipulations for these WSOP props stating that a particular pro must attend the WSOP in order for you to bet on or against him.

Another such prop asks who will win more money at this year's WSOP, Howard "The Professor" Lederer or Chris "Jesus" Ferguson?

The bet is listed as a pick, meaning you'd have to put up $120 to win $100 regardless of which pro you favor.

Lederer and Ferguson, both also believed to be part-owners of Full Tilt Poker, avoided last year's WSOP and are expected to do likewise again this year, fearing public backlash as Ivey does.

Poker pros Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari and Phil "Unabomber" Laak are listed as another pick 'em, who-will-win-more head-to-head prop.

Do you think anyone will win at least two WSOP bracelets this year?

You can bet Yes at -350 and No at +225.

At least three?

You can bet Yes at +500 and No at -900.

And if you're just into pure numbers and don't give a hoot about which poker stars will win and which will lose, there’s a prop bet for that.

How many people will register to participate in this year's WSOP Main Event, a no-limit Texas hold 'em tournament that will have a buy-in of $10,000?

It's a pick 'em bet, with the over/under listed at 6,864.5 entrants.

By Tom Somach Staff Writer

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