Online Poker Traffic Drops 2.3 Percent on Week

Written by:
Patrick Flanigan
Published on:
Online Poker

Online poker traffic has taken a nosedive, dropping 2.3 percent over this past week.,a website that monitors “real cash” traffic for Internet poker networks claims ring game traffic returning at the Cereus has returned to the level of one month ago and the network has fallen back to eighth place, from its previous 5thth place one week prior.

Cereus is the parent company of, a long time sponsor of the website.  It features a “Bad Beat Jackpot” that works almost like a lottery whereby poker players swarm in en masse to take advantage of the top cash prize.  Two weeks ago, the jackpot hit one million and one lucky customer managed to cash out.

“Typically we see rises in traffic with various online poker promotions like the ‘Bad Beat Jackpot’ followed by notable declines once the promotion is over,” notes Ace King, Poker Reporter for the website.

This past week, there were nominal online poker promotions, which contributed to the drop in traffic overall. 

With the Cereus Poker Network dropping three spots to eighth, Ongame Network, and were able to move up one notch apiece.

Cereus is among the most fluid online poker rooms in terms of traffic fluctuations.  In any given week, the company can grab hold of any spot between 5th and 8th.

“There is also a very competitive landscape in that portion of the rankings,” says King. 

Other notable competition involves PartyPoker and iPoker, each vying for the number 3 spot.


- Patrick Flanagan,