Online Poker Traffic Crashes Nearly 8 Percent

Written by:
Ace King
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Online Poker Traffic

The world’s online poker traffic fell a staggering 8 percent this week following the conclusion of PokerStars 70 billionth hand promotion.  That site witnessed a remarkable 22 percent rise in overall traffic last week, which helped boost the industry overall to a 12.5 percent rise.

This week’s drop in traffic still allowed for an approximate 4.5 percent retention over last week’s numbers.  Of the top 10 online poker sites, only half saw their numbers decline this past week, PokerStars among them.

The International Poker Network (IPN) had a 19 percent gain in traffic last week but has lost 10 percent this week. noted that the online poker network’s bad beat jackpot continues to grow so there was really no explanation for the decline in traffic.

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