Online Poker Site Giving Away Donkeys For Christmas

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The popular online poker network,, claims that the chat record database for players has displayed the term “donkey” 25,893,422 times.

“Clearly this is an animal that is dear to the hearts of their player base,” concluded Cake Poker officials. 

That said, the company plans to give away these wonderful beasts via special holding tank tournaments in the Events section of the Cake Poker lobby (see here)

So where exactly are you going to stick your ass?

No need to worry about that.  Your newly acquired donkey won’t be shipped to your home or place of business.

“The purchased donks won’t actually be crated and shipped to the buyer but, in the spirit of the season, will be given, via Oxfam, to families in the third world who lead less fortunate, donkeyless lives.”

Cake Poker players will have the option of dedicating their purchased donkey to a specific player on the Cake Network. While donations will be available in $5, $25, $50, $100, $200 and $300 USD denominations, only the purchase of a full donkey ($100) will give players the ability to dedicate their purchase to a special someone. Dedications will be shared via the Cake Blog where the dedication message (or taunt) will be displayed along with the screen name of the person that the donk is dedicated to.

Cake Poker explains that the donation of agricultural animals for families in need is actually a very solid way to make a contribution to the well-being of people on a global scale.

The more healthy agricultural animals a community has access to, the more food, clothing and labor they will benefit from, the company explains.

You can learn more about this worthy cause at Cake Poker here