Online Poker Player Pops $552,075 Jackpot at DoylesRoom

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l5822l takes home $165,000 by losing with a straight flush at DoylesRoom’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables; another jackpot begins with close to $200,000 already in the pot  

An online poker player at DoylesRoom named l5822l is laughing all the way to the bank after laughing in the face of misfortune – and players all over the US and around the world are hopping onto DoylesRoom to do the same. After the online Texas Hold’em player popped the Bad Beat Jackpot at DoylesRoom.ag on Wednesday evening, shortly after it had surpassed the $550,000 mark, the jackpot was reseeded to well over $165,000.--

l5822l’s payday for losing a hand of Texas Hold’em is also over $165,000. The winner of the hand, Gotcha143, takes home $110,403.99, and two other table participants are now $27,609 richer.

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It happened at 10:03pm ET time on Wednesday, September 13th, right after l5822l’s lost a 9-high straight flush to Gotcha143’s king-high straight flush at a $0.25/0.50 No Limit Hold’em table. It’s all part of the ongoing Bad Beat Jackpot game at DoylesRoom.ag. The online poker site is softening the blow of losing at the poker tables by paying poker players big money when misfortune strikes.

But it’s not just the recipient of the bad beat who walks away a winner when the jackpot hits. The winner of any Bad Beat Jackpot losing hand stands to win 20% of the jackpot, and those who participated in the dealt hand will share 10% of the jackpot.

What’s more, 30% of every jackpot goes to reseed the next big one. As of Wednesday morning, the new jackpot was already in six-figure territory at over$169,000.

As a result of the big jackpot coupled with big promotions, DoylesRoom.ag will likely become one of the hottest online poker destinations this weekend. In addition to an on-fire Bad Beat Jackpot, DoylesRoom.ag is hosting Punta Cana Poker Fever this Saturday and Sunday, and guaranteeing several $3,500 packages for the 2011 Punta Cana Poker Classic.

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