Online Poker Player Breaks Record for Most Hands in a Day

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If a person plays online poker full-time, meaning 6-8 hours a day for 4-5 days a week, they would probably play 50,000 hands in about 3-4 months, depending on how many tables they play at once. Or consider it this way, the Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge against Patrik Antonius begin in late winter 2009 and it is still far from being decided.

"joeingram1″ Plays Most Online Poker Hands

This is why it is absolutely mind-blowing that online grinder "joeingram1", was able to play an astonishing 50,000 hands in just 24 hours, breaking a week old record held previously by "innerspy" who had logged 40,000 hands on November 25th. In boldly posting on popular poker forum, joeingram1 said that not only would he break the record, but he also made numerous side bets which stated that he must make a profit for the session otherwise he would lose a great deal of money.

He played all of the hands at the micro level $0.10/$0.25 on PokerStars, and it was reported that 26 people were in on the side betting. By playing all those hands and posting a profit in doing so, he was able to walk away with an additional $33,000. At the end of the 50,000 hands at the micro levels, he was up over $800, not a bad day's work indeed.

Given the competitive nature of online poker players in general, it would be no surprise if someone would be able to soon eclipse that mark in the near future.