Online Poker Phenom Tom “Durrrr” Dwan Caught Eating Endangered Fish

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Ace King
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Tom Dwan Endangered Fish Aussie Millions

Online poker phenom was found eating an “endangered fish” dish at an undisclosed establishment late Sunday night while in Melbourne, Australia.  Dwan had been taking part in the Aussie Millions 2011 $100K Challenge, which was ultimately won by Sam Trickett of the United Kingdom.  Dwan was unaware that the fish appeared on an “endangered species” list. 

Increasing awareness of which fish are being harvested to the brink of extinction can help to modify fish eating, buying habits and cease plundering an invisible ecosystem that is in a state of stress and serious decline.

Overall, Australia has more endangered animals than any other country on Earth.

“Next we’ll probably see Tom eating one of those endangered northern hairy-nosed wombats,” warns Jagajeet Chiba of 

Australia publishes a “Sustainable Seafood Guide”, which poker players participating in the Aussie Millions 2011 should read prior to entering a dining establishment.

These are fish to avoid in Australia:

Overfished          (Also marketed as)

Blue Warehou          (Trevally, Sea Bream, Snotty Trevalla)

Commercial Scallop (Bas Strait, Southern Scallop)

Deepwater Shark          (Flake, Boneless Fillet)

Eastern Gemfish          (Hake, King Couta, Silver Kingfish)

Orange Roughy          (Deep Sea Perch, Sea Perch)

Oreos - black, smooth, spiky, warty         (Dory, Deep Sea Dory, Spotted Dory)

Redfish          (Nannygai, Red Snapper)

School Shark          (Flake, Tope, Boneless Fillet)

Silver Travally          (White Travally)

Southern Bluefin Tuna          (Tuna)

Also avoid vulnerable and heavily fished species         

Bigeye Tuna          (Tuna, Bigeye)

Broadbill Swordfish          (Swordfish)

Sharks & Rays          (Flake, Boneless Fillet, Stingray flaps)

Yellowfin Tuna – (Wider Pacific Ocean)

- Ace King,