Online Poker: Isildur1 Struggles

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Ace King
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Perhaps the hottest poker player online, the mysterious Isildur1, hasn't been so hot over the past 24 hours.

PokerTableRankings.com reports that Isildur1 is again struggling to keep his head above water as Ziigmund and Brian Townsend slash his bankroll by $2,697,767.70 in just 9 hours of play.

Isildur1 is a madman in the online poker rooms, winning big one day, losing big the next.

But Isildur1 has started the month of December off on the wrong foot.

From PokerTableRankings.com:

Another crushing defeat for Isildur1 occurred today when the turn yet again favoured Ziigmund giving him top two-pair and a flush draw against Isildur1's pocket aces. It all went in on the turn and the river brought Ziigmund a higher two-pair winning him a $515,978.50 pot.

Brian Townsendwas back on form today to take another bite out of Isildur1's bankroll, this time it was a $565,656.50 bite in 618 hands of $300/$600 PL Omaha.

Brian won his biggest pot this year when he managed to get $170k of his $215k stack in preflop with As Ah 6h 3c to Isildur1's 9s 8c 6c 5s. Naturally the other $45k went in on the flop which only brought Isildur1 a few straight draw outs, but Brian's aces held up to bag him a $430,992 pot.

Isildur1, who many suspect to be Viktor Blom, is currently the most profitable player on Full Tilt Poker in 2009, making a cool $5.5 million dollars in profit over the first 10 1/2 months of the year.

Ace King, Gambling911.com 


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