Oh My God: Brunson Blocks Doug Polk, Matt Glantz Over "Atheist" Tweet

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Nagesh Rath
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  • Doyle Brunson praises investigative journalist book "The Case for Miracles", noting that the author was once an atheist and is now Christian following his own research into Christianity

  • Doug Polk couldn't help but chime in: "So he remained an atheist?"

  • Brunson blocked Polk, calling him "smug"

  • The Texas Dolly blocked Matt Glantz as well, calling him "negative"


It began as a tweet by the Texas Dolly Doyle Brunson promoting a book written by an atheist who went on to investigate the Christian faith and "found the truth".  Brunson, 87, is a firm believer in God who has survived cancer multiple times.  In 1962, Brunson was diagnosed with a tumor in his neck and doctors did not expect him to survive.  Nearly 60 years later, Brunson is alive and kicking and looking to fight his fifth bout with cancer.

The book in question is Lee Strobel's "The Case for Miracles".

Stroble describes himself on his Twitter page:

"Follower of Jesus. Author of 40+ books, including Case for Christ, president of Center for Evangelism & Applied Apologetics at Colorado Christian University."

Stroble is a former award-winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune and New York Times bestselling author of more than forty books and curricula.  He was also once a non-believer now described in the Washington Post as “one of the evangelical community’s most popular apologists.”

As is typical, fellow poker pro Doug Polk just couldn't help himself and decided to chime in on Brunson's tweet.

"So he remained an athiest?"

This was quickly followed up by another tweet.

"Andddd we are blocked. Must have been a sensitive issue."

Brunson did confirm he blocked the Upswing Poker founder.

People win and lose in poker but the one constant is that Doug Polk will always have an opinion on anything and everything, even women's issues.  As if he would know how a woman feels.

The lovable legend Brunson further explained why he took the drastic measure.  

"The reason I blocked Doug Polk is the smug way he portrays himself. And what he says might be true, nobody should declare themselves as the greatest of all time. Your peers should do that to be really true."

As for Matt Glantz, Brunson said, "That one tweet from Matt Glantz wasn't the only reason I blocked him. It was one of his little barbs he likes to throw. Every time I tweeted anything he always made little remarks. I like to be the "victim"? He is just a negative person."

Some - not all - of Brunson's followers applauded the reaction.

"In 20yrs (probably 5), no one will remember Polk anyway," one tweeted.

But another noted, "Doug shouldn't be taken too seriously. He doesn't take himself too seriously. There are much bigger egos in poker. If you do take him seriously, then blocking is wise."

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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