North Dakota Texas Hold 'Em Poker Championship Final Nears

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Ace King
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Over 1300 players took part in the North Dakota Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Championship including many individuals from Canada, which borders the state to the north.

By Sunday, the tournament had dwindled down to just under 100 players.

North Dakota is familiar territory for the online poker sector.  It was state Congressman Jim Kasper - Republican - who first came up with the idea of legalizing and hosting Web poker events in the state.

For now, North Dakota will settle for the live event, which is described as a sort of mini World Series of Poker.

This is the 5th year of the North Dakota Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Championship.

Chad McNally, MSU Alumni Dir. of Gaming, told KMXC TV: "I think they all kind of doubt it at first. Can we really get to 1300 players? The first year they were trying to get to 300 and got over that, so every year it keeps growing, and I think they're just amazed every year that we can actually get more and more players every year." (Jeff Nehring, Past Tournament Champion) "With the number of player they have now, just qualifying is a pretty good accomplishment, so I was very happy to qualify this year, and then to win money was just an added bonus."

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