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Ace King
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Glen Witmer

The 2008 North American Poker Championship winner has been announced and it's a name few of the readers would know.

Glen Witmer has beaten poker pro Gavin Smith.

It went down something like this:

Gavin completes, Witmer bets 500,000, Gavin pauses for a moment and moves all in, and Witmer calls with AK. Gavin shows 5 of diamonds 5 of hearts, and it's a race situation. Gavin needs to win this pot to not only stay alive, but to take over the chip lead.

The flop comes Q of diamonds J diamonds 2 of hearts, and Witmer picks up a gutshot straight draw. The turn card pairs the board with the J of clubs, and Witmer needs an ace of spades, king of spades, or ten to win the tournament right her.

The river card is -- the A of clubs.

Glen Witmer pairs his ace on the river to win the pot -- and the tournament -- with two pair, aces and jacks. With so many of Gavin Smith's friends and family in the room, the atmosphere is of stunned silence, like all of the air had been let out.

Gavin Smith is the runner-up, earning $612,427 CAD (~US $532,545).

Glen Witmer wins the WPT North American Poker Championship, earning $1,254,152 CAD (~US $1,090,589) and a WPT bracelet. That also includes his US $25,500 entry into the WPT World Championship at Bellagio in April, 2009.

Little is known of the Ontario based Witmer but he is the latest poker millionaire.

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