No WOOpie at the WSOP But Jenny Wants Some in Punta Cana: With Doyle Brunson?

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Doyle Brunson

That sappy WSOP romance between poker lovers Erika Moutinho and David Sands was cut off just before November’s final table was determined.  The final table will play out November 5th thru 7th, just one week before the second annual Punta Cana Poker Classic (November 8 thru 13).  For those of you who were hoping for a little romance at the final table of the WSOP, you’re still in luck.  Gambling911.com’s own Jenny Woo is planning a little WOOpie of her own in between covering the Punta Cana Poker Classic. 

For Woo, the Classic offers up an opportunity for Gambling911.com’s famed Senior International Reporter to take time out from her duties as a PTA mom of three who these days seems to spend more time in the kitchen baking cupcakes in her Pensacola, Florida home than in the office.

“I’m a homebody now but dying to get away,” she says, and dying to get her soft sensual hands on that poker icon known as Doyle Brunson. 

“He makes me weak in the knees,” she said.  “I will be *****.”

He’s also married and Woo don’t do married!

Also on Woo’s radar is last year’s 2nd place finisher, and the 2nd place finisher of nearly every other Caribbean poker tournament he enters, Phil Nagy.

“It he wins, he gets to do some bluffin’ with Mommy Dearest’ muffin!” Woo ejaculated.  “PTA will stand for ‘Put Tat Away’ though if he gets too frisky.”

Contrary to all the rumors surfacing of late, there will not be any giant sex parties with Ms. Woo in her champagne-filled suite hot tub.

Woo is a reporter for Gambling911.com first and foremost, a mother second and a sex craving ********** last.

“In other words, my boss, my Senior Editor, Payton O’Brien, and probably Sparky (Collins) will all be present to ensure I am on my best behavior,” Woo noted.  “The reality is I’ll probably be better behaved then either of those three heathens.”

-  Ace King, Gambling911.com

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