Nigerian Scammers Target PokerStars via Skype

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Ace King
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Nigerian Scammers PokerStars

The infamous Nigeria email scam that attempts to get people to send bank account information through the enticement of taking over an unclaimed dead person’s multi-million dollar trust, has apparently hit the world of online poker, and more specifically PokerStars, the world’s biggest Internet card room. 

888 casino bounus first alerted to the post that appeared on the posting forum.

Hey guys just wanted to put this up just to make ppl aware that it’s happening, if anything like this account tries to contact you on skype.. Just don’t except… I emailed stars with the info straight away and they said the account was known to them and skype and would be shut down by the end of the day.
This account added me on skype as Pokerstars Online Support, pretty lol… but either way I excepted and it just tilted the hell outa me… They were trying to make calls to me via skype while I was grinding. I just blocked it and marked as abusive.

[11:25:01 AM] PokerStars: Hi, it’s pokerstars online support
[11:25:15 AM] PokerStars: we have qustions for your account, can you answer now ?
[11:25:28 AM] Michael: very quickly lots of tables
[11:25:29 AM] Michael: lol
[11:25:46 AM] PokerStars: tell me please, do you join at your account today NOT at home ?
[11:26:08 AM] PokerStars: someone from Germany join today at your account
[11:26:15 AM] Michael: ummmmm no
[11:26:17 AM] Michael: im home
[11:26:18 AM] PokerStars: we thinks thats your account can be cracked
[11:26:28 AM] PokerStars: it’s problem
[11:26:51 AM] PokerStars: we shoud check your account manual, but u’r play now, and we don’t block you
[11:27:19 AM] PokerStars: write your password and email, after you game we will check you account and send results and new password
[11:27:27 AM] Michael: lol no thanks
[11:27:45 AM] PokerStars: ok, it mean that we right now block
[11:28:01 AM] PokerStars: you agree ?
[11:28:28 AM] Michael: im not handing out my password via chat
[11:28:52 AM] PokerStars: so it means that you agree
[11:29:00 AM] PokerStars: i’m sorry but i will block you right now
[11:29:02 AM] Michael: if ur pokerstars u should have my details already
[11:29:25 AM] PokerStars: it’s manual checking, i must ask your password

- Ace King,

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