Negreanu Deprived of 7th WSOP Bracelet, Eliminated in 5th of Players Championship

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Poker pro Daniel Negreanu walks away with just over $300,000 following a 5th place elimination in the 2017 WSOP Players Championship, thus depriving him of a 7th bracelet. 

Isaac Haxton raised to 280,000 from the cutoff, Ivo Donev called from the button, and Daniel Negreanu called from the big blind.

The flop came down and Negreanu bet the pot for 880,000. Haxton folded, Donev raised, and Negreanu called all in for about 1,650,000.

Negreanu wasn't in great shape, as Donev had the better club outs, but Negreanu did have an inside straight draw. However, the 2 club  turn locked up hand for Donev with the better flush, rendering the 6 diamond  iver moot.