My Date With Man On Trial For Bludgeoning His Parents: Ernie Scherer

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Alejandro Botticelli
Published on:
Dec/06/2010 Ernie Scherer

A woman who claims to have dated suspected killer Ernie Scherer III, was shocked to have learned about the allegations he had murdered his mom and dad.  She met Ernie on 

The female in question runs a blog entitled, which offers a collection of the blogger’s experience with Internet dating and online sexual encounters.

It all began with an argument and a bet. As usual, a male friend of mine and I were discussing sex...anal sex to be specific. I had made the proposal that if a man wanted to not only ram me in the ass for an hour but also wanted me to enjoy it, that perhaps he should know how it feels first. My friend, of course, thought the idea was completely absurd and declared that only bi or gay guy would ever agree to do so. Simply because I'm naturally disagreeable, I blurted out, "I know I can find plenty of straight guys who would be willing to try. I bet they might even like it."

So began my mission. I really didn't believe I'd find any guys at all, but I'm not one to lose. I turned to Craigslist and made my very first post, "Cute, coy, and adventurous girl to fuck straight guy with a strap-on." To my completely surprise, within minutes I had over 50 responses.


"This was already almost too much for me, but what came next left me biting my tongue to contain my laughter."

Ernest Scherer III is accused of bludgeoning to death his parents in 2008


Eventually she would end up meeting Ernie, a poker player much like his now deceased dad. 

The trial of Ernest Scherer III is set to take place immediately following the holidays with the jury selection process taking place this month.

Scherer III is accused of murdering both his Ernest Scherer Jr. and Charlene Abendroth in their Castlewood Country Club home (Alameda County, California) in March, 2008.  Prosecutors allege the younger Scherer owed substantial gambling debts and was having difficulties paying his home mortgage.  Police at the time reached out to in an effort to find those Scherer III might owe money to outside the Northern California area

The blogger reveals how she first learned of what had become of her date. 

A few weeks ago, I wondered if Ernie had ever become the successful poker player he said he would be.  When the very first webpage that appeared in the search was Americas Most Wanted, my jaw dropped.   Ernie was currently on trial for the pre-meditated double murder of his parents.  His motivation - financial gain - leaving him facing the possible death penalty.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...what?!?

"Ernie, now 30, thought he was set to inherit $1.5M from his parents on his 31st birthday, but recently his father had changed his mind because Ernie had failed to pay back the $600,000 he had borrowed."

The murder of Ernest Scherer Jr. and his wife Charlene Abendroth sent shockwaves through their tiny community in 2008


The woman claims that Ernie had racked up over $340,000 in live poker tournaments over a six-year period. 

Ernie, however, must have let that big ego of his slip and managed to convinced himself and those around him that he was worth much more.  The prosecution has painted Ernie as a man leading a double life - flying around the country cheating on his wife and living far beyond his means racking up debt.  Shortly before his parents death, he had borrowed around $600,000 from his father to purchase a house for his wife and son valued at around $1M in Brea, California.

She reveals how Ernie had expected to inherit his father’s $1.5 million upon turning 31 years of age but that the elder Scherer changed his mind.  The younger Ernie had failed to pay back the $600,000 he had borrowed.

Ernie had apparently tried to buy guns from various individuals without much success.  Instead of shooting his parents, prosecutors allege that he savagely bludgeoned them to death. 

Ernie and I met on where he sold himself as an active outdoors man and gentleman...both of which were enough to score a date or two with me, a spontaneous teenager looking for adventure.  After all, he did seem absolutely harmless...but I guess it just goes to show how much of a gamble dating is.  Whether you meet someone at a bar, bus stop, art show, or probably have no idea what really lies beneath the surface or what people are really capable matter how keen you think you are.    

The blogger suggested that Scherer III might make a good cell mate for World Series of Poker main event champion, Russ Hamilton, who 60 Minutes claimed to have been part of a high profile “insider” online poker cheating scandal

Never Thought Ernie Was a Great Catch


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The blogger vaguely remembered the young Ernie Scherer 7 years after learning he was on trial for the brutal murder of his parents.

I never thought Ernie was a great catch. He virtually only wore Hawaiian shirts, thought much more highly of himself than he should, and had a slightly awkward side to him that he had clearly learned to try and hide around women.  However, to a young college girl he offered the intrigue of his career as a so-called professional poker player, guaranteed at least a semi-interesting date that wouldn't involve just the typical boring dinner, and he was a gentleman.

It turns out she dated Ernie on more than one occasion.

I had gone out with Ernie on two occasions when he called me one Friday night inviting me to meet him up in Wendover, Nevada where he had a comped suite and $100 comped dinner for two.  For a quick adventure like that I could suffer though the company of a guy I didn't particularly like...or so I thought.

Ernie III was playing at the high roller poker tables at the Wendover Casinos, described by the blogger as a casinos that has “all of maybe five people in them at a time”.   She reveals how giddy Ernie seemed to have the young woman hanging off his arm.


Ernie’s Tighty Whities Reveal Shocking Surprise


After dinner we headed up to the suite.  It was nice enough, but typical casino - mirrors on the walls, full hot tub next to the bed.  Ernie had apparently decided we were getting in the hot tub....nude.  Without even saying anything to me he began undressing revealing his choice undergarment, tighty-whities.  This was already almost too much for me, but what came next left me biting my tongue to contain my laughter.  Ernie turned around to pick his clothes off the floor revealing nothing less than a two inch brown running streak on the back of those tighty-whities.  The unexpected and unbelievable site of this caused me to excuse myself back to the casino lobby.  I was bursting with laughter and had to call a friend to tell them what I had just witnessed.  We tried to come up with an escape plan, but the drive back home late at night with my stuff being held hostage up in the room didn't suggest many options.

Thirty-minutes later I found my way back up to the room.  Ernie was waiting for me with a stupid grin on his face.  We got in the hot tub.  X-men was on the TV.  He slid his arm behind me, turned my chin his direction, and said,"I think I love you."  Such a fantastic line was, of course, followed by my equally fantastic response of, "Wow, this is a great movie."

It should be noted that a yet-to-be-identified women is expected to testify in Ernie’s trial that she was the victim of domestic violence by Scherer in July 2008, between the time of the slayings and Scherer's arrest in Las Vegas the following February. The prosecution aims to refute character testimony that Scherer never showed violence.

- Alejandro Botticelli,