Muny: November 16 Senate Committee Hearing Excellent for Poker Community

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C Costigan
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November 16 Senate Committee Hearing Online Poker

Richard Muny, a Regional Director of the Poker Players Alliance, noted that Thursday’s Senate Committee meeting regarding legalization of Internet poker was a giant step in the process, and perhaps one that came unexpected. 

He noted on the website

The Senate committee hearing is excellent news for the poker community, as this is not the type of hearing where the poker community would necessarily expect to be invited to provide testimony. The invitation was due both to Sen. D’Amato’s esteemed background and to the activism of all of us in the poker community. Getting a hearing scheduled prior to the Thanksgiving recess was an accomplishment as well.

Muny added: 

These hearings are hard evidence of the great work the poker community has been doing to ensure lawmakers hear from us.

Thursday’s Senate Committee hearing on Indian Affairs is entitled, “The Future of Internet Gaming: What's at Stake for Tribes?”

Tribal casino nations have expressed concerns over their sovereignty should Internet gambling become legalized.  The poker industry understands and respects the powerful Indian casino lobby and is working hard to appease them.

Many tribes in California have begun to work with lawmakers who are pushing for state legalization, understanding the inevitable regulation of the Web poker industry and ways in which they can capitalize.

In other news regarding Thursday’s Senate hearing, Poker Players Alliance Chairperson Alfonse D’Amato has been invited to testify at 2:15 pm EST.

- Chris Costigan, Publisher