'The Mouth' Talks King James Controversy: 'Could Heal This Country by Talking to POTUS'

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NBA super star Lebron James recently sat down with CNN anchor Don Lemon, who asked him if he believed U.S. President Donald Trump has used athletics and athletes to divide the country.

"He's trying to divide our sport, but at the end of the day, sport is the reason why we all come together," James said.

This prompted the President to tweet out:

"Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn't easy to do. I like Mike!"

The "Mike" was in reference to retired NBA great Michael Jordan, who himself responded that he supported everything Lebron has done.

Lebron appeared on the show to discuss his new public school for at-risk third- and fourth-graders in his native Akron, Ohio.

Even the First Lady, Melania Trump, offered her support for James' humanitarian work.

A statement issued to CNN by her spokesperson read: “It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation.  And just as she always has, the First Lady encourages everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today.”

The spokesperson went on to suggest Melania would be interested in visiting the school if invited.

Poker pro Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, an ardent supporter of Trump, took a slightly different approach, tweeting:

If @KingJames would go to white house sit down and talk to @POTUS with his following he could make a huge impact on healing this country! Instead he has same hatred as most on left. Everyone needs to take a chill pill & help heal our country! And remove Twitter for Trumps hands!

Needless-to-say, Matusow drew quite a bit of responses, not all of them positive. Correction....hardly any of them positive

Juan Tejada:

Hey Mike I respect u but u got it wrong here!! Potus is the President. He should set the example not a private citizen! He suppose to lead!

Kraig Burningham:

It's not up to LeBron James to fix the president of the United States. The man just helped build a school for children in Akron, Ohio. I'm sure Hellmuth is done counting his 15 bracelets, let's put him in charge of fixing the president.

Keith Goldsby:

Do you not pay attention to anything @POTUS says? Let’s blame @KingJames and not the real problem. #ThinkForYourself

Owais Ahmed

LeBron James used his wealth to fully fund a school in an under privileged area. Right after that he gets blasted by Trump? I call that poor form.

El Guapo

But if we remove twitter for Trump’s hands, then wouldn’t Trump’s hands just revert to all the p*** grabbing that got him into trouble with Michael Cohen in the first place? For a “stable genius,” that dude sure pays a lot for sex. @craigcalcaterra @tomcolicchio

Hamid Fashandi

The guy who builds a school that gives scholarships to all graduates gets attacked on Twitter by Trumpanzee who is dismantling public education, and somehow it’s James’ fault? He’s the one who hates? Stick to poker. Lmao

Matthew Brown:

Dude, for real? That’s the lesson you took? Now your poker reads make a LOT more sense.

J.P. Something:

Trump is an idiot and a bully, and that comes from a relatively conservative person. Lebron has had every opportunity to fail, to take his celebrity and riches and show moral shortcomings. Instead he's thoughtful and does his best to do good. This tweet of yours is damn foolish.

There were a few positive responses - we think.  Yeah, we really did have to dig.

Rob Stultz:

Mike, you amaze me.

Billy Kramer:

Trump’s tweet is no where near as bizarre and decisive as LeBron’s.

It seems even those supportive of Matusow questioned what he was smoking.

H.L Long:

Mike put down the pipe buddy. Dems never compromise.

Matusow later chimed in that Trump was "an idiot for always having to comment on things instead of letting them be. I'll always call him put when he's a moron."

For that he received one supportive response and not much else.

Rob in Vegas:

Spot on Mikey, my thoughts exactly. What he’s done since he’s been in office speaks for itself, if he could just cut back on the twitter rebuttals the noise would calm down.

- Nagash Rath, Gambling911.com