More Fallout from Online Poker Black Friday: Dusty Schmidt Splits from PokerStars

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Thomas Somach
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Dusty Schmidt Splits from PokerStars

The rats are jumping ship.

Poker pro Dusty "Leatherass" Schmidt, who for the last year and a half has been a paid spokesman for online poker room Poker Stars (, has abruptly quit that position, blaming it on the Feds' arrest of Poker Stars' owners last month, which led to the room banning U.S. customers.

Writing on his blog at on Wednesday, Schmidt announced: "I’m sad to announce that in the wake of 'Black Friday,' I’ll no longer be a member of Poker Stars Team Online.

"I continue to hold Poker Stars in high regard and sincerely hope we’ll have a chance to work together again.

"My working relationship with the company was outstanding.

"Unfortunately, as an American with no plans to relocate outside the United States, I’m unable to play on their site.

"This obviously precludes me from being a valuable contributor to the team.

"When I was asked 18 months ago to be a member of Team Online, I felt like I’d made the Yankees’ opening day roster.

"It’s been an electrifying ride for which I’ll always be grateful."

Schmidt, 29, from Portland, Oregon, USA, has been a poker pro for just seven years, but has already won over $3 million playing poker.

He is also an author, having written a book on poker strategy and another criticizing fellow pro Phil "Poker Brat" Hellmuth Jr.

By Tom Somach Staff Writer

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