Montreal Poker Hits The Big Time, WPT Event Breaks Record

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Patrick Flanigan
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Montreal Poker Hits The Big Time, WPT Event Breaks Record

Last week’s WPT Montreal demonstrated that there is definitely a demand for big time poker events in Canada, home to  

ESPN’s Andrew Feldman noted that there wasn’t a whole lot of optimism heading into the 2012 WPT Montreal, mainly because a number of other major poker events had flopped throughout the country even after Canadian Jonathan Duhamel won the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event. 

The 2012 WPT Montreal was anything but a flop!

Feldman writes

Enter the Playground Poker Club, a highly popular venue in Quebec, and a price point of $3,300 (CAD) that has performed extremely well at the WPT's other stops domestically. Day 1A of the re-entry event attracted 478 players, but the buzz started almost immediately after the cards were in the air. Players in attendance began to comment socially on the field size, the atmosphere and the opportunity for a huge event. Flights to the city were booked, and Day 1B registration resulted in a 1,173-player tournament and a $784,101 (CAD) top prize.

WPT Montreal went from an outlying non-televised event to a must-visit stop on the World Poker Tour in less than a week. Many assume next year will be even bigger.

There is more great news for Montreal as just a short 15 minute drive from downtown, Snakes Poker Club in the Kahnawake Reserve is about to expand and be rebranded as the Camasino Poker Room.  Camasino operates a social gambling webcam poker room online offering real money play to those outside the US and just introduced a suite of real cash casino games two weeks ago. 

Camasino will hold major Canadian events at the location along with entertainment and other services giving the clients a Vegas feel!

Camasino has confirmed that they are planning events for the new location.  Along with the Camasino Girls, they will hold tournaments and fun events for players in the Canadian sector. 

The new Camasino Poker Club will be more than double the original size of Snakes Poker Club giving Camasino the ability to hold bigger events than the actual capacity now.  The new club will offer a 5 star restaurant service, bar area, smoking area, VIP room, VIP parking and 24 tables with the ability to hold up to 30+ tables for special events. 

For anyone second guessing just how big a deal Montreal has become in the world of poker, last week’s WPT Montreal was the third-largest WPT event in history and the largest poker tournament with a buy-in over $1,000 in Canadian history.

That is saying a lot.

- Patrick Flanagan,