Monster Stack Results in Over a $1 Million Payout to Winner

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The 2017 World Series of Poker Monster Stack concluded with Bryan Yoon walking away with the cool $1 million and change.

It seems that Mike “The Mouth” Matusow’s desire to make poker fun again is starting to catch on.

Yesterday evening with action folding around to Salvatore DiCarlo in the cutoff and he raised to 700,000. Ihar Soika called on the button and Stoyan Obreshkov three-bet to 2,850,000 from the big blind. DiCarlo folded and action was back on Obreshkov.

Stoyan Obreshkov went into the tank for a solid five minutes before Brian Yoon called the clock. Tournament director Bob Smith walked over to confirm a sufficient amount of time had passed and the dealer acknowledged that it had. Smith explained that Soika had 30 seconds before he would begin a 10-second countdown. If there was no action by the time he said "zero," the hand would be dead. "Zero!" yelled Will Failla. The entire table laughed and Obreshkov proceeded to call.

Final-Table Payouts (earned POY points in parentheses): 1st: Brian Yoon, $1,094,349 (304.4) 2nd: Ihar Soika, $675,995 (259.2) 3rd: Stanley Lee, $501,353 (234.6) 4th: Ryan McKnight, $374,515 (212.9) 5th: Yuliyan Kolev, $281,800 (193.7) 6th: Maurice Hawkins, $213,591 (176.6) 7th: Thomas Ryan, $163,087 (161.4) 8th: Richard Ma, $125,451 (147.9) 9th: Will Failla, $97,223 (135.8)

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com