Million Dollar Poker Club is Looking for 50 Stars for WSOP 2009

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Million Dollar Poker

The Million Dollar Poker Club is taking a radical step in its search for 50 players to represent them at the WSOP. Instead of buying a couple of proven players, they've decided to launch an aggressive search on blogs and forums to find up to 50 players that they can train and test in Million Dollar tournaments. It starts with weekly free tournaments that lead to free entries into the weekly Million and free coaching. The weekly tournaments offer various coaching programs. These include - a week in the Dominican Republic with 15 million dollar coaches, one-on-one training or 52 weeks of training with poker legend, Daniel Negreanu.

Mike McGrath, the Marketing Director at The Million Dollar Poker Club, used to produce television shows with Daniel. "Daniel is a great ambassador for the game, one of the world's top players and one hell of a genuinely nice guy. He has the temperament we were looking for. PokerStars are very fortunate to have him as a spokesperson. It was natural for me to turn to his training company, PokerVT, when we decided to train 50 of our members to potentially represent us at the WSOP 2009. Instead of spending our money on a star like Daniel, we decided we should use his skills to train our own generation of WSOP champions. We look forward to seeing if we can attract the right caliber of players and just how well this approach will work.

For more details, Go to the Million Dollar Poker Club Here.