The Merge Surge

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Merge Poker reports that Merge Gaming has enjoyed quite an uplift after opening to the North American market this past week.

Traffic grew by 15 percent, P5s noted., the traffic monitoring website for online poker reported the following

“Merge Gaming Network gained 7% after opening its doors once again to U.S. players. The much-anticipated move came mid-week, so the 7% weekly gain only captures part of the upswing. Day-by-day comparisons indicate that the true traffic increase has been closer to 15% so far. Merge has now moved back in front of Bodog to reclaim the title of the largest U.S.-friendly player pool.”

Traffic throughout the sector enjoyed one of the biggest increases in recent weeks at 2.1 percent, with PokerStars receiving much of the credit, although PokerScout pointed out that last week’s significant decline in Stars traffic was likely due to a “tracking error”. 

- Ace King,