Merge Poker US Players Up More Than 70 Percent

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Merge Poker

Since April 15, 2011 when PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and were forced out of the US market due to Justice Department indictments against those companies, Merge Poker has been among the biggest beneficiaries.  They still welcome US players.  As a result, Merge has seen an increase in real cash player traffic of 77 percent in the last month since those indictments were handed down. 

Merge hasn’t been completely immune to controversies, however.  Just last week, sponsor Lock Poker, one of Merge’s biggest online poker rooms, reported that the winner of its popular Bluff Poker Challenge, the so-called Portuguese Poker Prodigy, Jose Girah Macedo, was disqualified for “multi-accounting”. 

In audits of all participants' accounts at the close of the competition, violations of BPC rules as well as the Merge Gaming network rules were discovered. 

- Ace King,